Why You MUST be using Social Media Marketing Today

June 21, 2010

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There are a several advantages when it comes to marketing your website using Social Media Marketing


1.      You will become the “expert” in your field to your potential customers and prospects by answering questions, and of course giving value.

2.      Thru social media websites/blogs you can provide great content of value to your prospects and others who read your information and it becomes quite valuable to you since it becomes internet “searchable” and can be viewed and discovered by all who are searching.

3.      You create a BUZZ by providing value and information about what you do, your business, services and products. And as people review your information and leave comments, you potentially have an even larger reaching audience…many of whom can become real prospects and then real customers.

4.      When you connect thru social media websites, you establish relationships and a rapport with your readers. You can of course be using that information as they express their views, opinions and their needs…and you can help to provide and fill that void to be of value and service to them.

5.      While you are building your following thru social media marketing, some will be spreading the word about you and your expertise…this can create a very fast internet buzz that can translate to business success for you.

6.      Using social media marketing is a wonderful modern day arena and platform for you to develop your “brand”.

7.      As you build your following you will naturally see that it extends beyond your town, city, state and even country…it will happen naturally thru the internet.

8.      The internet and social media websites allows you to be personally interfacing (and your staff if you have) directly with the prospect and customer creating great relationships and “customer service”. The ability of giving information and content information through your website in turn gives a VALUE ADDED relationship beyond just “service”…and naturally you are becoming the “expert” to your following.

9.      The internet gives you the ability to keep an eye on your competition and see what they’re doing to drive business their way…and you can quickly make marketing corrections as needed.

10.  One of the beauties of social media marketing is that you are getting to understand and have relationships with your prospects and customers and building trust. Again, by giving value to your relationship more trust is built between you and your customer.

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