Why Increasing the Product Retailing Side of Your Network Marketing Business Could Mean a Huge Boost to Your Downline…

April 11, 2012

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Network Marketing businessYou know as a

network marketing business

trainer I often preach over and over again to the importance of building a huge downline. Just like most MLM trainers out there I talk about leverage, and how you can make an amazing residual income if you’ll just focus on building those legs.

But one thing I admittedly probably don’t talk about enough, and nor do most trainers in this industry, is the importance of building up a base of product customers. The fact is that the end result could be a bigger downline if you do things right.

Let’s talk for a second about why product customers are important and why you would want to focus your attention on winning them.

Where Does Passive Residual Income Really Come From?

First of all when you talk about earning residual income, where does that residual income come from? Does it come from people in your downline building a business? Yes sort of. But, when you think about where the residual part of the income truly comes from, it becomes glaringly obvious why product customers are so important. Because your residual income actually comes from the auto-shipment orders of your MLM products.

Let’s face it, if there are no products being moved in your

network marketing business,

your income stops nearly dead in it’s tracks… even if you’ve got a downline bringing people into the business opportunity side of things. If those people that are being brought in aren’t buying products each and every month then the chain is abruptly broken, and the income seizes to exist.


Now I know that you know this at some level, but the point is that we all too often forget this because we’re so busy trying to sponsor new team members into our businesses. And of course this is vital to building an MLM empire, but again…the brass tax is in the product sales. I think you get the point.

But If New People I Sponsor Are Getting On Autoship Anyways, Why Even Focus On Product Sales…

Well you’re not alone in thinking this way, not by a long shot. In fact this is what most people teach. So let’s go over a few great reasons to start focusing a portion of your business on product sales customers.

First off there’s the element of attrition rate. We all know that attrition rate in a

network marketing business

can be extremely disappointing at times. There could be months in everyone’s business where it feels like team members are dropping like flies in a tented house. However with product customers it’s usually a very different story.

You don’t have to go much further than your own kitchen cabinet for proof of that. If you search through your cabinets how many items in there are brand names that you’ve been buying for years? Sometimes even since we were kids! There’s a reason for that… We simply like and trust these products and we buy them nearly subconsciously out of habit.

Well your product customers will act the same way. In fact even more so because network marketing products are for the most part exclusively sold through that one company.

Therefore when someone falls in love with your products or services, they have to come back to you to get the same products again and again. And of course, most of the time they realize that it’s just easier to get onto auto-ship and have these products that they love… that they’re nearly addicted to… delivered each and every month like clockwork.

And once they’re hooked on your brand then the chances of them canceling that auto-ship is very small.

But let’s compare that to a distributor in your downline. This person usually came in for the network marketing business opportunity, and if truth be told the product is basically a secondary thing. They’ve come because they feel that YOU can help them make some money and/or become financially free.

But if things go even just a bit awry… if they’re not seeing the results that they wanted to see within a week (we’ve all had those people in our downline… more often than not actually) then it’s nothing for them to cancel their auto-ship and move on to the next “hot” opportunity. After all, there’s no brand loyalty their, and in fact the products may still be in the box unopened.

So you can see how more loyal a product customer is.

But that’s not all…

How about the fact that one thing about us humans is that when we find something that we really like we feel compelled to tell others about that thing? In fact we almost take a strange pride in the fact that we’ve discovered that thing. I mean ladies, admit it…how many times have you seen your friend with a handbag, or shoes, or even a perfume that you know that you had first, and you say to yourself “she only bought that because I have it”. It happens to men too with golf clubs, watches, and even cars.

So when we discover a product that we like, and get us fantastic results, we feel almost uncontrollably compelled to tell our friends and family about that product…sometimes even strangers. I mean I know I’ve personally recommended a number of things to cashiers and clerks that I don’t even know, just because they would listen.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “The Tipping Point” calls these people Mavericks. Little sells forces out there working basically for bragging rights of discovering it first.

But What Happens When…

One of these mavericks discovers that he or she can earn a pretty penny for telling people about these products that they love and have gotten amazing results from?

They suddenly become very strong prospects for the business opportunity side of things. And because they’ve already got a great testimonial, they become even that much stronger…with a whole lot more credible than the person coming in because they want to make some extra dough.

Network marketing product sales, often called “retail sales” IS NOT a hugely popular thing, but it can be an amazing hidden boost to your downline and the output of your team if you handle things the right way.

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