Why Duplication is So Vital In Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity…

April 12, 2010

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coop_twoI’m you’ve heard the word duplication tossed around numerous times if you’ve been involved with, or simply even looked into the network marketing business opportuntiy.

Unfortunately it’s actually used very loosely, but it’s so critical that’s it’s almost frightening that it’s not driven home even more than it is within the network marketing industry.

Duplication in a network marketing home business is literally the key for having any hope for success, and certainly any hope of earning that passive income that we’re all so aimed at earning. And just in case you weren’t aware by the way, that is why you would even consider joining a network marketing business opportunity, for that coveted passive residual income.

But, it’s important that you realize that the chief obstacle that stands in your way of passive income…rather than simply exchanging time for money, is duplication. Or more definitively, teaching your downline to duplicate your systems for their success, so that they can build their organizations to, and this of course increases your income as well.

You see if your downline fails to grow their business, your business will not grow like it’s meant to, which basically defeats the whole purpose of an industry that has leverage as its main benefit and strong point.

It’s the magic of the network marketing business opportunity, yet it can also be the trouble with the system as well.

Unfortunately the reason for this is because more often than not in network marketing, it’s like the blind is leading the blind. It’s basically a case of upline sponsors who haven’t even the slightest clue of what they’re doing – mainly because their own upline doesn’t have a clue – or because they don’t listen to their upline’s guidance and carry on the duplication process which is what makes the industry go round. In other words, they’re trying to re-invent the wheel.

Now there is an argument for re-inventing the wheel in some cases as a good thing. However if you’re new to the business, then to build your downline quickly and massively, you need to duplicate the efforts of your upline as much as humanly possible.

You may need to look upline beyond them and be sure that they are doing the same with their own network marketing business. Usually once the process is broken – it means the end of an organization… or at least one leg of it.

The easiest way to be sure that duplication is taking place is by having or better yet tapping into a system that makes it a total stream-line process. This means that all tasks are done the same way… over and over again… and therefore can easily be followed by your downline which will continue the cycle for generations.

Now days the majority of systems will include some kind of internet marketing tool since most people have access to the internet. It can also include a multi-media tool such as a DVD or a CD for people to listen to as well.

There are group conference calls which you can plug into, as well as the three-way call with your upline. These are typical items for most good duplicable systems. The greatest ones have automated systems to drive prospects smoothly through a marketing funnel, which gives your more time freedom in your network marketing business.

You definitely want to get YOU out of the system as much as you can and simply let the tools do the work for you. This achieves two things. It frees up time for to prospect for leads and take care of your downline, and it does something else that’s hugely important. It gives your prospect the chance to see that it’ll be just as easy for them to run their network marketing business as it is for you.

You’ll see that your network marketing home business takes a lot of time and effort in the beginning, but the better and more automated the teams that you join are at utilizing systems, the better off you’ll be, and the higher your network marketing business will begin to skyrocket.

If your direct sponsoring upline doesn’t seem to be plugged into a system, then do your best to go upline from them as high as it takes to get hooked up with someone who does have a duplicable system. If you’re not involved in network marketing yet then find a team that has a system in place and can help you set it up most effective and efficiently.

Your income potential depends directly on your duplication system.

If you’d like to join a team that has proven systems to work which has helped thousands of new network marketers actually see success and financial freedom…as well as helped us grow a downline of 50 thousand plus people then click here now!

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