What Is Network Marketing All About – Why This Business Isn’t What You Might Think It Is

July 28, 2011

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What Is Network Marketing All AboutHaving you been wondering what is network marketing all about?

If so then you’ve come to the right place to find out. As the author of this blog, I’ve been involved in and actually successful with network marketing for the past 24 years. Along with my wife, we’ve been helping teach people how to be as successful, and sometimes even more so, as we are.

So if network marketing has caught your interest, then hopefully that helps you realize that you’re not barking up the wrong tree here.

Network marketing in a nutshell is a way for the average person to start their own business from home, and make a much better than average income. It’s the type of business that levels the playing field, where those who win are the one’s who don’t try to reinvent the wheel, do what needs to be done, and work hard and consistently toward their goals. It’s really that simple.

Now the great thing about network marketing and what it’s all about is that what it truly is all about is earning a residual passive income. What does that mean?

That means that you’re earning an income over and over again from activity that you performed once. That’s the best type of income, and the type that people like Donald Trump and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” author Robert Kiyosaki acknowledge as the best type of income in the world. It’s the type of money that real estate investors, movie stars, authors, and well…network marketers earn.

Ok But What Is Network Marketing All About…

Alright, but you want to know the principals of network marketing. What is it? What will you have to do? Is it legit? All that good stuff right? Good for you because doing your due diligence is the vital first step when it comes to a home business.

First of all network marketing is as legitimate if not more legitimate than any business in the world! It’s basically a business model where products or services are sold, and the person who introduces the product or service is compensated.

Now that’s one aspect, and just one way that you earn money in network marketing. The other way is simple. You show people how to do the same thing, train them, and teach them the tactics and methods that you use to be successful in your business. For doing so you get paid a commission of the person that you train’s sells. It’s much the same way that a sales manager gets a commission for their team’s sales.

The beauty then of network marketing… and the beauty to the question what is network marketing all about… is that you continually get paid from other people’s effort, and solely on your own effort. That’s a beautiful thing when you’ve got a ton of people that you’ve introduced to the business, and their all earning money of which you get a small commission from. Not to mention that most network marketing companies such as Agel, the one that my wife and I are distributors for…pay a ton of different bonuses.

The reason for this is that they understand that their distributors are what make the business. Without distributors like us, the business would go nowhere. But with us, their business flourishes like crazy, and grows at record speeds.

So if you’ve ever thought that you might be interested in this business, and I’ve helped answer your question to what is network marketing all about, then you can learn a ton more and get training on how to do extremely well in this business – just like thousands of others have directly from me and my wife – then click here now!

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