What do financial giants say about starting your own business?

December 18, 2008

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Donald Trump once said on the David Letterman Show that if he lost his fortune and had to start from scratch, he’d build a network marketing business.


As you can imagine, he received both boos and hisses from the audience. He responded to the boos with something to the effect of “That’s why I’m up here and you’re not.”


Robert Kiyosaki, wealthy businessman and best selling author of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series and author of 18 books with sales totaling over 26 million copies, says that our schools teach us to either work for others or to be self-employed, which is in essence having a job. The amount you earn is determined by the amount of time you can work.


The path to financial freedom, he points out, is in another direction entirely. You need to have passive or residual income, and you can create this by becoming a big business owner.


So why don’t more people do this?


Most schools (including universities) are still teaching industry age thinking, that is they are preparing you for a job, self-employment or

running a small business.


Most of our families and peers are stuck in the 9-5 thinking.


If you’ve never been trained in the necessary skills, you’re headed for the school of hard knocks, and that can be pretty rough going.


This is why Kiyosaki recommends network marketing as one of the best paths to running a large, successful business.


In an article that he co-authored with Donald Trump, Kiyosaki writes that he meets many small-business owners who would like to expand but don’t have the necessary leadership skills. No one wants to follow them.


Forbes defines a big-business owner, the B-quadrant business owner Kiyosaki writes about, as a person who controls a business with

more than 500 employees.


As you can imagine, with a business this size LEADERSHIP skills are VITAL.


“Where can you find a business that will invest the time in your education, your personal development and building your own business? The answer is most network marketing businesses,” writes Kiyosaki (“Why We Recommend Network Marketing.”)


Building a big business is no easy task. Kiyosaki and I do the same for those I train, will ask…


Are you willing to go outside your comfort zone?


Are you willing to be led and willing to learn to lead?


Is there a very rich person inside you, ready to come out?


If the answer is “yes,” now it is your time.


Kiyosaki says if you answer yes, “Start looking for a network marketing business that has a great training program. I will focus less on the products or the compensation plans, and more on the education and personal development program the company offers.”


Are you ready to unleash the rich person you can be?


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