Using Stories to Sponsor More Prospects into Your Network Marketing Business…

April 5, 2010

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a way for you to easily start sponsoring more people into your network marketing business?

Obviously you’re not the only person who’s ever wondered that…in fact about 99% of the industry is wondering that right now. People are looking high and low for the answer.

Using STORY in your presentations and with your prospects, either written or face to face (of course I prefer face to face but it works either way)… is one of the most important things that you can start doing to see some huge jumps in your sponsoring numbers.

Why Story Telling Works for Your Network Marketing Business…

Now first of all when I say use stories, I’m not saying that you should start making stuff up to tell to prospects to get them to join your
network marketing business opportunity

I’m talking about weaving personal and even borrowed stories into your presentations.

Stories work so well because a story will fly right under the radar, into the subconscious mind, and will help your prospect close the sale in his own mind, rather than you having to try and work so hard to persuade him yourself.

When you use stories you’re in essence creating a hypnotic state for your prospect (if you do it right that is). Stories have been used for centuries, in more recent decades made famous by Milton Erickson – often thought of as the Godfather of hypnosis and therapy.

Erickson would create change in people by first opening a person conscious mind, which let him get inside the mind through the subconscious where he was able to help a person begin to change positively.

Of course you’re not a hypnotist (unless you are), nor are you a therapist. You’re just wanting to get more people to join your business opportunity. But there’s nothing that says that you can’t use stories to draw people into the benefits of your products and opportunity.

When you’re talking to a prospect, and you’re trying to get them to join you and your network marketing
business opportunity
… the whole time that you’re talking to this person they’re judging you. They’re using the logical side of their brain (the left side) and they’re asking logical questions…how much is it?, can I afford it?, will I be able to do it?, why does this person need me to join so bad if it’s so easy?, why is this person so fat if the products are so good? LOL… all of those types of questions are running through their mind.

But when you begin to tell a story you begin to get them out of that logical left side of their brain, and into the right side of the brain. The right side of the brain is where they start feeling emotions from your story. It’s where they start envisioning the scene that you’re painting for them. It’s where…and here’s the ticket…where they start putting themselves into your story!

You can also think of STORY as a way to handle objections, whether these objections are happening overtly or inside their minds. Doug Stevenson, one of the premier sales teachers in the world who teaches about using story to sell calls it “a shortcut to the brain”.  That’s really what it is, a fast way to get into the

And another thing to remember is that stories get to the emotional part of the brain, and that will beat out logic almost each and everytime.

If you’re stuck on what stories to use, or you’ve just started and you don’t know feel like you have any stories of your own, then I suggest that you talk to your upline in your network marketing business. They should be able to help you with this, and like I always say if your direct sponsor can’t help you then by all
means go upline.

But if you’re still stuck, then it might be time to find a network marketing sponsor who can actually lead you by the hand to success, or you can get somenetwork marketing training from people who can help you by way of ebooks, audios, and other things.

That choice is yours.

And if you’ve doubted the power of stories, then just watch the video below…

Link to Video

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