Tips on Selecting the Best MLM Compensation Plan

December 29, 2010

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Working inside the world of multi-level marketing (MLM), itself, is already a complex task, but before you reach that point, you must first go through the most challenging part of the whole MLM process – selecting the

Best MLM Compensation Plan.

Best MLM Compensation Plan
Technically, there are seven types of MLM compensation plans: uni-level matrix plans, forced matrix plans, fast start bonus, sponsor bonus, breakaways, infinity bonuses, and binary plans. But in actuality, there are no strict guidelines in making a compensation plan. The payment plans can still be modified, combined, or even almost completely altered. As a result, each business venture has a unique compensation plan; some payment plans are front-end loaded and some are back-end loaded. This makes it all the more difficult for the one that needs to choose which plan to sign-up for.

There is no such thing as a perfect MLM payment plan, either. Among all types of compensation plans, one cannot fully say which one is the best. Since those plans have survived over the years, it means that they have, at some point, worked. They may have not been the best, but they worked anyway.
Choosing the

Best MLM Compensation Plan

is subjective. Only you can decide which one fits perfectly for you, and this is a decision that needs to be thought through for a long time. In deciding to enter the world of MLM, the payment plan is your foundation. Therefore, choosing the plan for you will also make or break your career in MLM.

Unfortunately, there are also several frauds in the MLM industry. Some of these plans only work for a few people, some pay out higher percentages than the others, some require less volume than the others, some even require front-loading, an illegal act in some countries. Therefore, you must do your best to be careful and evaluate each of the prospective MLM compensation plans thoroughly.
Here are also some key tips in choosing the

Best MLM Compensation Plan:

• Research about the company
• Research about the product
• Review for possible discrepancies in the compensation plan
• Consult your relatives and friends to back up your gut feel
• Choose the one that would help you grow as an individual
• Never rush the decision

Most importantly, deliberating on the Best MLM Compensation Plan does not have to be done single-handedly. In fact, it is best to ask for the advice of other people that have already dealt with the decision once in their lives, i.e. other distributors; no one is in a better position to give you advice than them. After all, experience is the best teacher – especially in this case when evaluating the

Best MLM Compensation Plan.

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