“The Donald” Trump has never been shy about offering his opinions or advice.

April 14, 2009

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In an article at the ABC News website, Trump said that today’s plummeting house prices are great news for would-be home buyers.

“This is a great time to go out and buy a home,” he said on “Good Morning America” today. “You might even lose your one home and you’ll end up getting a better one.”

Trump shares more of his opinions and advice in his new book, “Think Like a Champion: An Informal Education In Business and Life.” Think Like a Champion is an example of that approach to life and business.

Trump goes on to say that when he was in school, his father would send him inspirational quotes on a regular basis…Many of them were about leadership, how to be a champion in life.

Which brings me exactly to the following question; What are you doing to improve your Leadership Skills?  Are you feeding yourself enough inspirational and empowering information to “hone those Leadership skills”?

Well my friend you’re in for a treat…I’m proud to tell you that I recently co-authored a powerful book about Leadership…it’s called “The Power of Leadership…Finding the Leader Within…”.

In “The Power of Leadership…Finding the Leader Within” you’ll get true, first hand accounts, from the leaders themselves, exactly what it took to get them from the position that you’re in now… FOLLOWER – to the position that they’re in now…LEADER! In this critical to your success book, all of the tools that will take you from dismal or mediocre, to completely successful, and all at a speed that you’ve probably never thought possible.

Have you ever asked yourself the following question…Why Are Some People So Successful, While So Many Others Struggle…Usually Never Becoming the Successful Leaders That They Want to Be?

You can stop wondering, because the answer to that question is very simple indeed. They’ve Developed the Skills of Great Leadership, and YOU Have NOT!

Here’s what to do next…

Now that you know that having the skills of a great leader means the difference between huge success and failure, you need to grab your copy of this book while supplies last.

This book is a brand new release so you’ll be one of the first to tap into all of the crucial information that it contains to be the leader you never thought possible.

For those who act quickly, you’ll get a special limited autographed copy.

Don’t wait another minute to order and get this critical book shipped out to you today.

Buy “The Power of Leadership…Finding the Leader Within” right now!

Would you like to read what others are saying about this book?  CLICK HERE to read some wonderful testimonials and to order your copy today!

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