The Best Way to Deal With the High Health Care Costs that We’re Facing These Days…

September 24, 2010

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There’s no doubt that health care costs are rising, especially in the U.S….enter the world of Agel products!

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While Obama’s Healthcare Bill is “meant to” help, even if it did help, it’s not going into affect until 2014. In the meantime, and in anticipation of losing great amounts of money before it happens, insurance companies seem to be hedging their bets beforehand by consistently raising healthcare costs for their insurance participants…enter the world of Agel products!

But that’s not the only reason of course. There’s always the fact of those uninsured who get to use our generous healthcare system, and that money must be accounted for somewhere by someone, so those costs go to those of us who do take care of our own bills.

Whatever your thoughts are on any of this, the fact is…it costs a boatload of money to get sick these days. From emergency room visits, ambulance fees, regular visits, and forget it if you’ve got to see a specialist…you’re going to pay both in physical illness and financial illness each and every time you have to go see the doctor. It’s like the old joke, I went to see the ear, nose, and throat doctor and it cost me an arm and a leg!!

So How Do You Best Keep These Costs Down for You, Your Family, and Even Your Friends?…with Agel Products!

Are you ready for the most simple answer ever? The best way to deal with these costs, and keep them down is by staying healthy and avoiding the doctors as much as possible.

Now of course it’s nearly impossible to avoid doctors altogether, especially if you’ve got kids, care for older people, or have a disease yourself that needs constant check ups such as diabetes, asthma, or any number of things. But if you do some things right, it can be kept to a minimum.

We know that the best way of staying healthy is by maintaining a healthy diet, doing exercise regularly, and taking supplements. Of course with busy schedules that can be a bit easier said than done. But there is a way that Ann and I have used, and so far we’ve done pretty well…by supplementing our food intake with the revolutionary new easy to use Agel products!

That way is through supplements that have helped us in many different ways, as well as have kept us eating more healthy, and given us the energy to be consistent with our exercise regimen…and adding Agel products to our daily intake of nutrition!

Those supplements of course are through our own Agel products. Agel’s health products have worked very well for not just us, but many others that we’ve introduced them, for keeping health optimal, which in effect has kept our health care costs down.

Products like Agel EXO has kept our antioxidant intake at peak levels, meaning that the toxins that enter our body in all the various ways don’t get a chance to wreak havoc on us.  At the same time we attack from the other fronts using Agel UMI which boosts our immune system and fights off everyday things that attack our bodies to make us sick!

With Agel HRT, we can be confident that our heart health is optimal, and though I feel young and vibrant, at my age it does help to have that confidence when I see so many others at my age level having heart attacks, and heart problems in general.

We wake up in the morning not feeling stiff and sore in our joints like so many others of millions of people who suffer from joint pain due to arthritis and other such illness.  This is from the 4 ingredients in Agel FLX which work to both give us elasticity in the cartilage in our joints, as well as helping to build those joints, and give us pain relief from any soreness that may have been present.

As far as our stamina and that carries us through in exercise, our Agel OHM does that. While simultaneously Agel FIT keeps us full throughout the day as a meal replacement so we don’t snack all day and keep the weight on that the OHM helps gives us the energy to work off.

Our Agel MIN keeps us fortified with all of the vitamins and minerals that we need each and every single day.

And we both look pretty darn good and healthy if I don’t say so myself…especially my lovely wife Ann, and much of that is due to Agel GLO and the Agel Ageless!

So you may say that we’re helping ourselves keep our health care costs down by being proactive and

staying healthy with our amazing Agel products.

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