The Beauty of the Agel Compensation Plan Explained!

July 8, 2009

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The Agel Compensation Plan

The Agel Compensation Plan

You’ve decided to put your future into your own hands and that’s a wonderful thing. You want to join a business opportunity that’s got huge profit potential. After all, that’s where the rubber meets the road… right. You want to know that the probability of you making money is high. Don’t blame you there.

Let me tell you, you’re just like everyone else who’s already making money with Agel. We all started out wondering the same exact thing. Let’s face, if you can’t put food on the table then achieving financial freedom goes right out the window too.

Throughout the years, MLM companies have been going insane trying to come up with the ideal compensation plan to get people to join their company. They have come up with brilliant plans for people to make money in this industry, which in essence has lead them to create the best types of income in the world…residual income!

But while sometimes brilliant most have their drawbacks. Most are notorious for being very confusing, and also they can be difficult for the beginner to start making any sort of income for a while.

The Agel Compensation Plan: How It’s Easy to Understand, and Perfect for the New Distributor

The Agel Compensation Plan quickly became noticed by top Network Marketers like Randy Gage, Eric Worre and Ann and me as revolutionary, because finally here was a plan that made it simple for those who are willing to bust their butts a little bit – even the beginners – and it gave them the best shot in the world today for early success in Network Marketing.

Agel devised this compensation plan truthfully because it saw both the huge benefits that residual income compensation plans provide…as well as the downside of most.

So the founders started from scratch to solve this problem for their diligent distributors. In other words, they wanted to reward movers and shakers.

At first glance, the Agel compensation plan looks very much like what’s known as a binary plan, which means that as you build your organization – a.k.a. “downline” – you build a left side and right side.

But, when you dig deeper into the plan you start to see that Agel’s plan is very different.

They’ve actually totally revolutionized the entire industry and came up with a completely new and fresh way of compensating their distributors, not only more fairly, but much more generously.

Agel’s compensation plan is in reality a Quadra-Plan. Since the previous network marketing plans had some very strong elements which made it an awesome way for distributors to create a tremendous income for themselves, Agel actually just kept the best of the four original types of plans, and tossed out what didn’t work.

They figured why fix it if it isn’t broken… But why let it stick around if it is broken? So what you actually get is a compensation plan where unlike other plans your downline will never break away from you, ensuring that you’re paid residually for their efforts… forever.

With Agel’s plan, there are actually eight separate ways to earn each and every month

They’ve got the Fast Start Bonuses, (which pays either $35 or $200 for each person that you enroll personally), then there’s the ground-breaking Leveraged Matching Bonus which pays you down seven levels deep.

As with any network marketing company, when you join there are ranks to accomplish, and Agel is no different there.

But with the Agel compensation plan, what you earn rising up through the ranks are superior and it’s much easier to qualify for attaining those different levels than ever before. Basically, if you’re willing to put in the work, in much less time than you would imagine you can reach the Diamond and Double Diamond levels.

Then there’s the incredible Car Bonus (which Ann and I love), the Travel Bonus (which me might love even more), and the insane Executive Bonuses. This plan is extremely simple to grasp, and your monthly income has the potential to soar with all of the normal blemishes of a compensation plan simply non-existent.

Got questions about the plan?  Be sure to leave a comment below and ask!

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