Starting a Home Business – Do You Have the Entrepreneur Spirit?

March 3, 2011

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Starting a Home BusinessIf you’re looking at the prospect of starting a home business then you need to actually sit down and think about what you’re doing.

You need to realize that what you’re about to undertake is not a game, but is extremely important.

Why am I saying this? Why does it sound like I’m trying to talk you out of starting a home business? Well it’s actually to make you do better to be honest. You see, so many start out this business with great intentions but as soon as the boat starts rocking even the slightest bit, they get weary and bail out.

You’ve Got to Have the Entrepreneur Spirit When Starting a Home Business

The world of the entrepreneur is not one for the weak. It’s a tough hull and you’ve got to be thick skinned, resilient, driven, extremely persistent, and goal oriented to see success. If not then you may want to go ahead and find a good old 9 to 5 job (if there are any out there).

But if you do have the entrepreneur spirit, then your life can be extremely rewarding. Your hard work and effort could pay off for years and years to come. It could set the road for your children and grandchildren to have opportunities that most never have, and that’s a good thing. A head start is what we want for all of our offspring, as long as your spirit is there for them to take hold of and run with.

In times like these, the 2nd generation entrepreneurs will have to be more strong willed and resilient than ever before.

Starting a home business is no different than a standard offline business. The challenges are all the same. I touched on some of the attributes that you’ll need to fulfill the entrepreneur spirit. Let’s expand on some of them.

Goal Oriented – Being an entrepreneur means that you have a purpose, and it means that you know exactly what that purpose. For many in my field of network marketing the purpose is to expand the health of individuals. For others in this same field it’s about creating a residual income in order to finance a lifestyle that lends to important of family time, or experiencing life.

But the fact is that if you’re going to start a home business, then you’ve got to have a stern goal to achieve, and you’ve got to have a plan to get there.

Extremely Persistent – There’s no easy road to business success. It’s a very steep uphill trek, and getting to the peak will take some persistence. Just like climbing Everest or Kilimanjaro there will be places in the middle that will make you want to quit. You’ve got to work through the rough spots if you ever want to make it to the top. To do that you’ll need to be…

Thick Skinned and Resilient – Being resilient and having a thick skin will serve you well in all of life in fact, not just in business. But in business it’s just as important.

In the home business arena, especially in a network marketing business there will be plenty of people who will tell you how crazy you are, and how you’re never going to make it. They’ll tell you that you’ve gotten yourself into a scam, or whatever they can think of. There are plenty of reasons that they do this that I don’t have time for now, but the important part is simply to let these things bounce off of your skin. Rubber and glue baby!!

And resiliency is a MUST! Things are going to go WRONG over and over again. In fact everyday something is going to irk you. Something won’t go right that you thought would be simple and easy. This is going to make you question your sanity.

But as you work through each of these things, you’ll begin to see that starting a home business was the greatest thing that you could have ever done…and that you’ve worked to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive!

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