So, I’m from the Bronx…OK?”

June 8, 2010

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So I realized that through all of my blabbing here on the blog,(that’s what we do in the Bronx)…I’ve forgotten to really let you see my better half.

ann-stageYou see Ann is the machine of our business.  You’ll see that as soon as you get involved with us.

Ann started with Network Marketing before I ever did…when I was still hanging out with Rock Stars…and getting burned out like a Rock Star actually.

She’s just amazing with what she does, and she will inspire the heck out of you.

Seriously, if Ann can’t inspire you to move your butt, then you should check your pulse, and if you have one, you should go see a doctor because then there’s something wrong with you.

Me… I’m good at what I do yes, and I love learning about and creating new systems to market our business so that I can show you when you join.  I’m sort of the right brain of the team…

Ann on the other hand keeps me in line, and believe me… when I get out of line I’m in trouble.  She’s also the one who cranks ME up and inspires ME when I’m down or not motivated (yeah, I’m human, I get in my moods unfortunately)…

But anyway, I wanted you to see a great video and learn a couple more golden nuggets about Agel… from Ann herself.

Here’s the link for the video:  CLICK HERE

Oh by the way, you’ll also see a quick clip of yours truly :)as well as my brother-in-law Mark.  Don’t tell Mark you saw him though, he might start getting a big head or something…you know how brother in laws are…

Anyway, here’s that link again:

Here’s the link for the video:  CLICK HERE

I hope you watched the video above.  Good stuff right?  You can actually leave us a comment at any of the videos as well, that’s always appreciated.

Anyways, the day before New Year’s Eve (New Years Eve Eve I guess)… Ann and I took a day trip to New York City.  It’s a relatively short drive from where we’re at in Pennsylvania…

While we were there messing around we were playing with the video camera, so here’s some good shots of us in Times Square…CLICK HERE

By the way, I think my Bronx accent comes out more in NYC…what do you think?


I just want to quickly say that I feel blessed that I can take off whenever I want and take a trip to NYC for the day…

Or head off like we just did to Thailand for a party with our business friends and family, or for instance head to Dallas, Texas without ever worrying about losing out on money.

Our money grows even when we’re doing all this stuff…even while we sleep actually.   I want that for YOU!

So Give Me a Call

Here’s the link for the NYC video again…it’s pretty funny.  You get to see my hair blowing in the wind. LOL


Talk soon,
David Feinstein
Skype: davidlfeinsteinagel

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