Promotional ideas to use in your network marketing business

June 11, 2012

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Network MarketingAs we incorporate

network marketing

into our business lives, there are ways that we can reach out to new members. Our ideas can help boost our member’s ability to contact and to create business relationships. There are traditional and digital methods that we should try to use on a daily or weekly basis. After we are here to create and to support our networks, no matter which direction they go in. Some of these promotional ideas may have been covered in your training or you can revise them to fit a particular model.

We must promote ourselves and our products to a larger audience and by utilizing our networks, we can do this at a lower cost and more effectively than traditional methods at times. Traditional methods consist of radio, television, print and extraneous efforts, however “word of mouth” is rated number one as the best advertisement for brands and companies. We can place our

network marketing

campaigns on the radio and reach a certain audience and may attract interest. However the downside is that people are changing the radio stations during commercials. We can use television space to market our products but two downfalls include the price and people usually are away from the TV during commercials or change channels.

We can use printing methods such as paper classifieds, leaflets, business cards and apparel to boost our network marketing efforts. Printing does have some draw backs including price and a waiting period to distribute the items by mail or by person. Some prospects may ignore a business card or brochure or toss them away later. This does not mean our

network marketing

is a failure; we just need to find the right combination to use to attract new prospects to our company. We can combine some of the traditional methods to help create a good marketing package that we can afford on a monthly basis and see how well it does. Some other options for business include sample giveaways, trips, lunches, etc. These can be related to our reward system for our downline.

We can offer the same rewards to our prospects while using our social media outlets. We can give away prizes and advertise to them and our networks can spread the word like wild fire. The digital age has changed the way that we can advertise and interact with prospects and to our members. Remember to inform your network before the launch of the promotion or they may tend to be a bit slower to catch up with the rest of us. Communication during this time is critical, especially if one type of reward is out. As long as everyone is on the same page and remains in the communicative mood, the promotion can be an outstanding success.

A good week of preparing for the upcoming promotion is a great idea to help troubleshoot any possible problems. If you are giving away products or access codes for an eBook download, you may want to make sure there are enough working codes or products on hand. This will help with inventory management and so that you do not over commit. This time frame will allow your downline to look over the material and be prepared for the event. They should have enough time to ask questions about something they are unclear about. Make sure the rules are clear and easy to understand, some promotions can be cut short if the rules are murky or difficult.

We can combine traditional and online methods to balance out our

network marketing

efforts. Sometimes one method may not be as effective as another. We can easily change one for another and study the results as they happen. Be prepared for the promotional even, your network should have everything they need to help boost the business. Try to allow for one week at least to prepare for the event, this will allow for fine tuning and for the products to arrive.

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