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May 23, 2012

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MLM businessAre you an effective networker? If you’re not, then you’re likely on the lookout for some networking success advice to help you boost your

MLM business

into the stratosphere.

One of the most essential things that you can do for your

MLM business

or any business for that matter is network. But it’s one of the most profound activities that you can take part in for your

MLM business

…hence the name Network Marketing.

What happens though if you find yourself in MLM and you’re no good at networking? If this is the case then you’ve got to start working out your networking muscles, and get them into tip-top shape so that they can help you expand your MLM organization in a massive way.

Back when I was the accountant for many of the huge rock stars of the time in the music industry, my networking skills were a huge part of my recipe for success, and what allowed me to be able to grab the largest clients in the world.

I mean, I was great at what I did back then as far as accounting and personal finance, but there was really no great reason that these people were ever going to seek David Feinstein out, just out of the blue. It was up to me to get myself in their faces, in front of them, and the way to do that was through networking.

You’ve heard of six degrees of separation right? Well, since you know that this is pretty much a true phenomenon then it’s really up to you to play the game, and you’ll soon begin to see some pretty huge changes in life (for the better).

Networking Success Tips!

1. You must be proud of the fact that you’re an MLM’er. Everyday my wife Ann and I coach with new distributors who come into our organization, and many are afraid to let people know that they’re involved with

MLM business


It’s not too difficult to realize that it is because of the bad reputation that the industry has suffered over recent years, but listen, acting as if you’re not proud to be a part of the industry isn’t going to help the industry (Profession) one bit.

If you really want to turn the Profession around so that this reputation is turned around then it’s time to start acting proud that you’re in one of the greatest Professions of all time.

You will never see me, my wife, or any of the most successful people in MLM acting like they’re ashamed to be in this Profession.

Being confident and proud of your involvement in network marketing will take your networking success to a whole new level. People follow leaders, and if you act like a leader, people will beat your door down to work with you.

2. Always Be Prepared with an Answer. You want to always have a canned answer ready for the inevitable question of “what do you do”. You want an answer that will cause the asker to be more curious, and ask you more questions.

It’s very much like the Pick Up Artist community. Guys have canned lines that they use to break the ice with women. Yes it may sound corny to you, but these men know that there are questions, and ways to ask questions that women will respond kindly to the majority of the time, and so they use these proven questions to get the ball rolling, and then take from there.

Have your own MLM pick up lines ready!

3. Have the Correct Answer. Going back to the pick up artists, the fact is that if these guys used an canned opening line on a woman, but didn’t have anything else when the woman actually responded, and started the bantering back and forth…they’d be dead in the water.

Therefore when someone asks you what you do, and you have your quick canned answer that elicits curiosity, then they’ll likely have more questions. This is when having something such as an elevator speech is a very handy tool to use.

This should be something that gets the point across quickly, while being thorough enough to actually give some valuable and relevant information. Thirty to 45 seconds should be plenty. Don’t go crazy into detail. You’re simply trying to amp up your networking success, not close the deal then and there.

You’re planting seeds. These seeds will hopefully lead to large downline trees that you can live off for years and years.

Networking success comes with lots of practice. If you follow the advice laid out here, you should have a good starting point to spring from.

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