Network Marketing Tools: Do the Feinstein’s Use Network Marketing Tools

November 17, 2009

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Network Marketing ToolWe get a lot of questions either through email or in person, such as at our Agel meetings or conventions where we often speak about network marketing tools that we like or recommend.

It’s actually a little difficult to know what to recommend to whom, without knowing how far along they are in their business. That’s because depending where you are in your network marketing experience is relevant to which network marketing tools you should be using.

You see, we’ve always been very adamant about the fact that when it comes to creating the best chance of success for yourself, the number one tool that you should start out with is a piece of paper and a pencil, and jot down a list of people. That’s right, the dreaded warm list!

Okay, if you’re still reading this then you’ve just totally increased your chances of success probably 100 fold. Why do I say that? Because all of the people who just clicked away when I mentioned the warm list just went off to find some sort of miracle network marketing tools so that they’d never have to do the things that make those who are successful in network marketing… successful. In other words they went to find something that doesn’t exist.

So please heed our 20 plus years of successful network marketing experience and make a pencil and paper with a list of the people you know the first network marketing tool that you even worry about.

Another one of your important tools is another one that you already have, which is your telephone. Get on the phone with your upline, get to know them, and find out exactly what to do next. This is huge.

When someone joins our organization actually the first thing that we insist that they do is get on the phone with Ann and start making their list, so my list of the tools is actually a little backwards if you’ve partnered up with us. If you’re not partnered up with us, and you’d like to then go to our newly redesigned website where you will also find lots of network marketing tips.

Now once you’ve started building your business the correct way, on down the road you may certainly want to get some more high tech network marketing tools.

First of all you need to have a place online that people can go. Regardless of our stance on the old school ways and the new school of network marketing, we’d be fools to ignore the fact that there’s a whole world that opens up to you online, and that the internet is a huge part of your network marketing tools arsenal.

So a website is very important. It doesn’t even have to be anything fancy; it could be a simple blog. What you need to do though, regardless of how big or fancy it is, is to collect names and email addresses of prospects so that you can contact them over and over again.

So another one of our most vital tools is the auto responder. We recommend Aweber, because it’s the best one out there. Period.

Ok, we’ll continue down the road with other tools, but if you really want the low down on using online network marketing tools, then sign up on the right side right now.

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