Network Marketing Tips – Why You Might Be Doing Way Too Much and Maybe Should Cut Down to Help Your Business

October 20, 2011

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Network Marketing TipsIt may be a little bit odd to receive network marketing tips that tell you to stop doing things, but that’s just what this tip is going to tell you.

You see, the fact is that way too many people are overdoing it with their network marketing business, and so they’re spinning their wheels and basically getting nothing done.

Does that sound like you?

Network Marketing Tips for Getting More Done, By Doing Less

So let me guess. You’ve been reading and studying up on the industry, and finding out what all the heavy hitters do to become successful in network marketing.

You’ve been collecting network marketing tips like kids collect legos, and then getting frustrated because things haven’t been working out as well as you were promised. But why not, you’ve been doing a ton of things for your business.

You’ve been running around talking to people, handing out business cards, putting up fliers, calling friends and family, sending out packets of brochures and DVD’s, sending out free samples, creating websites, blogging, using facebook, tweeting, creating You Tube videos, going into the forums, building lead squeeze pages, using email marketing, etc. etc. You’ve been doing it all.

But the problem is that you’ve been doing so much stuff, that you haven’t found time to do any ONE thing great, and take it to it’s max. You haven’t gotten the mileage that you’ve been looking for with your network marketing business.

Well that’s BECAUSE of the fact that you’ve been doing so much.

Now what you need to do is start deleting things from your repertoire. You need to start getting rid of some methods for now, and start focusing on just a couple of things.

What you’re going to do is take one or two methods of marketing your business, and perfecting those methods. You’re going to work these methods until they work. Then if you want, you can decide what you want to do once these methods are working.

You can either automate them as much as possible, and then add to them. You can outsource the methods and let someone else do them so that you can expand on your tactics. Or you can simply just keep doing what’s already working.

Yes, maybe it seems a bit boring.

Maybe doing the same thing over and over again can get tiring, and drive you to want to try other things. But the alternative is doing a bunch of stuff that doesn’t work.

You see, there is no end to the network marketing tips, tricks, and tactics out there. Everyone has a better way. Everyone has a preferred way of doing things. And everyone has a faster way to see success. In fact apparently some people have figured out how to succeed almost overnight, or within a week make a million dollars. At least that’s what the ads on the internet allude to. :)

But the truth is that if you try to use all of these tactics, you’re going to get nowhere quite quickly. You’re going to fail, only you’ll fail while being very busy. Nobody wants to fail, and I don’t want to see you fail at all.

So make this one of the last network marketing tips you use for a while, and start deleting methods from your repertoire, and master one or two.

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