Network Marketing Tips – Why HOW You Tweet Could Affect HOW Well You Eat!

April 15, 2011

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Network Marketing Tips for TwitterThese days with social networking still going strong (I think this whole social network thing might stick :) a lot of us are looking for exactly that – network marketing tips for social networking.

Of course if you’re doing any social networking then you’re either using Facebook or Twitter, or a combination of both.

The sad fact is that most people have trouble with building their business through social networking on Twitter.

There are a few reasons for that I think and I’m going to lay them out now…

Network Marketing Tips for Twitter

First it’s important that you realize one essential thing. Twitter is just one variable in your overall marketing strategy, it’s not ever a good marketing strategy on its own. In other words if you’re trying to build your network marketing business on Twitter alone, then you’re likely going to be sadly disappointed with your results. It’s just a piece of the overall pie.

Second, Twitter will do you absolutely NO good if all you do is pump out tweets about your business. That’s absolutely NOT why people go onto Twitter at all. They go there to get away from all of that. Just think about how you feel when you’re on Twitter and you see someone continuously marketing their opportunity.

It gets tiring.

In fact, recently a study conducted at Elizabethtown College showed that you’ll get more results if the majority (actually the overwhelming majority) of your Tweets are personal tweets.

Here are the results of the test, according to…
“120 students between the ages of 18 and 23 were split into three groups. Each group followed the tweeting of a supposed professor. One group saw only scholarly tweets, one group saw only social tweets and the last group saw a mix of the two. Each “professor” included the same number of tweets and hyperlinks. Students were asked to rate the credibility of the professor they followed based on the tweets they observed.

The highest ratings were given by students who saw only personal tweets. Mixing in scholarly tweets had no effect on the score.”

So if you’re making the common mistakes with your Tweets that’s holding you back…

…these network marketing tips you’ve just read should get you a lot further with Twitter.

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