Network Marketing Tips – The Fastest Way to Motivate Your Downline!

September 29, 2011

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Network Marketing TipsThis will be one of those network marketing tips that almost make you say “duh”.

But it’s common sense, and very often common sense is overlooked as people see it as too simple of a solution to a problem.

So don’t pass on these types of network marketing tips just because they seem to be too simple. Instead figure out a plan to use them for yourself.

Network Marketing Tips to Motivate Your Downline Fast

What motivates you?

If you’re trying something new, and you’re banging your head against the wall at every step, does it motivate you to keep pushing even harder…or does it discourage?

If it discourages you then you’re not alone. MOST people are discouraged by banging their head against a wall trying to figure something out. Some faster than others! Patience may be a virtue, but it’s not a very common one.

How about when you see success? When something that you’re trying works, does that motivate you?

It sure does me…

So how can you quickly motivate your new, or even burned out and discouraged downline members?

Simple…give them an idea, or a strategy that’s going to let them see success with their network marketing business. Once they get even the tiniest taste of success (one sign up, one product sell, etc.) that will do more to encourage them to work hard than anything else that you could ever do for them. Even more so than actually going in and doing it for them.

People like to feel accomplishment. And guess what…accomplishment is highly addictive. A small taste of accomplishment is almost as addictive as a small taste of heroin. Your mind can’t help but want to feel that sense of accomplishment again. It will drive people to work harder than they’ve ever worked in their lives in fact.

If you don’t believe me, just simply try it. Use these network marketing tips to help someone in your downline taste success…and watch how insanely motivated they become!

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