Network Marketing Tips – One of the Fastest Ways to Get People Almost Begging to Join Your Downline

August 24, 2011

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Network Marketing TipsThere are some network marketing tips that you can take or leave at your leisure.

Some of what I give you here may or may not be able to be implemented in your business at a given moment. That’s the nature of the network marketing business. People are always at various stages.

But there is one tip that shouldn’t be skimmed over, shouldn’t be ignored, and should most definitely be utilized.

One of the Network Marketing Tips from This Blog That Should NOT Be Ignored

If you want to grow your downline by leaps and bounds, there are a couple of things that you need to do.

First you’ve got to get people attracted to your group. You’ve got to attract people to come to you, actually wanting…sometimes practically begging… to join your downline. When you can do that then success in this business becomes monumentally easier.

The other thing is that you want to attract and have the right people into your downline.

In other words, you want people who a) already are good at network marketing b) are go getters in the industry and/or c) are desperate to work with YOU.

Now there’s one way to do this that beats out all others.

Creating a Dynamic Team Culture Is One of the Greatest Ways to Create a Stampede to Your Downline

Let’s think about this…

When you joined network marketing, joining a team that was amazingly active, exceedingly helpful, and guided you through every step of your training… with the stringent goal of making you a huge network marketing success was probably one of the things that you dreamed about right?

Now whether or not you actually got that is another story, because frankly very few teams actually create that sort of atmosphere. Unfortunately far too many network marketers see this more as a numbers game, rather than a human interest business.

Those people, who join you and your business, ARE looking for a team. Not only that they’re looking for a team that can turn them into a star player.

And the fact is that there are so few teams out there like that, that if you created that atmosphere you could easily be pulling new recruits in like moths to a flame. And then, as you create more and more winners, that team will exponentially, with little effort from you.

You see, that’s what a team effort can and will do for you.

Network Marketing Tips To Create a Team Culture

First of all, you have to bring people into a system. That’s imperative. You have to get them seeing success very early.

Second, you’ve got to get to personally know your team members, and stay in touch with them often. You have to get on the phone with them and motivate them almost daily in the beginning. That’s what Ann and I have done, and continue to do, and it’s created huge success for us.

Third, you have to recognize your team’s successes publicly. This can be done during training webinars, meetings, or even through email blasts. But public recognition will a) make the person who succeeded feel even better and more motivated to keep doing the same, and b) inspire others to get the same treatment.

Fourth…you need constant training. We have training calls and webinars constantly. We are always training and keeping in touch with our downline.

Our downline is like family to us, and we love spending time with them, and they know that by the way that we treat them. And they treat us the same in return, and furthermore…they create the same atmosphere with their team.

Again, if you’re going to ignore any of my network marketing tips, ignore this one at your own peril… and if you want to see exactly how we treat our team, then click here now!

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