Network Marketing Tips – In Network Marketing You Need Confidence…One Quick Tip on How to Exude Confidence Even If You Don’t Have a Ton of It

July 6, 2011

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Network Marketing TipsOf course when you come to the Blog, you come to get network marketing tips that will help you grow your business. Hopefully you’ve come to expect that out of me by now, and I certainly try to deliver with every post.

This post isn’t so much about network marketing tips per say, but it is about something that will help you do better at network marketing.

You see, in this industry one thing that people will always notice about you, and therefore use that to decide on whether or not they’re going to want to join up with you is you CONFIDENCE!

Yes confidence is a huge trait to have for a network marketer, and having a healthy dose of confidence…and better yet exuding a healthy dose of it…will do wonders for your business.

I mean think about it, how many people want to actually join a business opportunity with someone who doesn’t have the confidence to present that opportunity with gusto? Not many. People are looking up to you to lead them, and one thing that all great leaders have in common is confidence: confidence in themselves and their abilities.

So what if you’re lacking a bit in the area of confidence? How can you quickly increase that perception that others have of your confidence level? Would it be beneficial for you to have a couple of tricks up your sleeve to create that perception? Of course it would!

But more importantly here’s the thing. The network marketing tips I’m about to give you for exuding confidence, will actually work to help make you FEEL more confident as well.

So what is this big tip for confidence? It’s pretty simple actually and it’s something that your mother probably has nagged you about for years. What I’m talking about is POSTURE!!

Posture is one of, if not THE first thing that people notice about you. And that first impression means just about everything. And when someone sees you standing straight, with good posture, and confident body language…their first initial thought they have about you will stick in their minds.

So then, that first initial impression will transfer to their thoughts about you as a leader when you begin speaking to them about your business opportunity. That’s powerful stuff, all based on a first impression.

When you’ve got a confident posture, you’re standing up straight, with your shoulders back, and your head held level…never slouched and/or looking down.

Now along with that great posture you can lock in that perception of confidence by using confident body language. For instance when you speak to someone and you look into their eyes, then you’re exuding confidence in a way that most people actually don’t.

Another way to lock in the confidence perception is in your voice tone. You want to speak loudly and clearly. People who are not sure of themselves speak very quietly at a level that’s difficult to hear.

Now how do you think that looks when you’re speaking about your network marketing business? It makes it look as though you don’t believe in your business, or yourself. Have a vocal tone that can be heard clearly. Simply raising the volume a little bit from your normal speaking voice will do amazing things for your confidence perception as well as your actual confidence level.

So there you go, these are network marketing tips of course, but they’re also tips that can benefit you in all areas of your life, for the rest of your life.

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