Network Marketing Success – Why Would Anyone Want to Be Your Friend or Fan on Facebook?

November 12, 2010

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Everyone is telling you that if you want to find Network Marketing Success, then you have to start making tons and tons of friends and fans on Facebook, and/or all the other social marketing sites like Twitter.

The problem is that when people hear this they automatically go out and start spamming the heck out of these sites, hoping to see Network Marketing Success overnight.

Network Marketing Success

What happens is usually the opposite. They fail drastically because they’re not approaching these sites and there strategy the right way.

How to Correctly Use Social Media as a Facet of Your Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing success can come from many different sources. It can be as a result of belly to belly marketing, where you simply market your business to people you know. And then of course there’s online marketing which can consist of a vast amount of different tactics.

One of those tactics that’s popular these days is social media. Basically there are people killing it online and seeing a lot of network marketing success by using savvy marketing on the social networks…the biggest and fastest growing right now being Facebook.

Now the keyword there is savvy, because what most people ARE NOT is savvy. They go, and just start pushing their business opportunity, as if people are on Facebook to hear about things like your home business opportunities etc.

The truth is that people go onto Facebook for exactly the opposite reason, to get away from people who are trying to see Network Marketing Success by pushing their business opportunity on everyone. It’s a sad truth for you and me, but it’s true. People aren’t on Facebook to be marketed to.

That’s why they make it so difficult to see people’s profiles, personal info and pictures. It’s for networking with people that you know…or most importantly for YOU…people that you want to get to know better.

So by being savvy, you’re marketing your business opportunity in a way that doesn’t make people not want to be your friend on Facebook and not want to know you any better.

Here are 2 Ways to Make Your Facebook Marketing More Effective for Network Marketing Success

#1: Create Relationships First It may seem like common sense but it only takes logging onto Facebook or Twitter to see that not everyone gets this concept.

Facebook is all about being social, but people who are always trying to push a new opportunity aren’t social, they’re pushy. Social means you’re getting to know one another, and you’re interested in each others’ interests. Not just your own!

People can tell, even online, faster than you could imagine when your intention isn’t to be social but to get something from them. It’s a gut feeling, and an instinct that just comes naturally.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather start your partnership with someone in network marketing where you know them personally, and your goal is to see them achieve Network Marketing Success for your own genuine sincere feeling of joy? I know I would!

#2: Friend Request People Who Will Be Receptive of Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity…

So as long as we’re being savvy, it’s important to know that we don’t always have to be the tortoise. With approach #1, if you’re contacting just everyday people, like friends of friends then you’re simply doing a shotgun approach. If you want to be the hare with your social marketing, then a faster way to the finish line and to Network Marketing Success is to specifically target the people that will be more receptive to your network marketing business opportunity.

That means sending friend requests to the type of people who will interested simply because of who they are.

This means friend requesting people like:

• Network marketers (network marketers are always looking for a new opportunity)
• People who are used to making commission from sales
• Real Estate Agents
• Insurance Agents
• Job Recruiters
• Etc.

Now the same concept applies. You don’t want to just start pushing your opportunity. You want to get to know these people. Pick their brain. Show a genuine interest in what they do. They’ll likely reciprocate and when they see that what you have to offer is likely beneficial to them, they’ll show interest.

Network Marketing Success the Savvy Way…

So now it’s time to start building your Facebook friend’s list and Fan pages, and strategically expediting your Network Marketing Success.

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