Network Marketing Success – How to Succeed When Nobody… Even Your Dog… Thinks You Can!

February 9, 2011

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Network Marketing SuccessLet me start by asking you a question… Can you see network marketing success when nobody else seems to believe in you?

It may sometimes feel like you can’t but the truth is that in network marketing, more than any other industry in the world, you most certainly can.

You see, in the world of network marketing, we live and work in a industry of self development. It’s an industry where betting yourself is as much a part of the business as anything.

It’s also an industry where you’re partnering up with like minded people. People who will be there for you (if you’re choosing wisely) and who will be their for you when you need that extra motivation.

Of course it would be wonderful if everyone you told about your business was supportive of you and rooting you on. It would be nice if even your spouse was cheering you on and rooting for you, but the problem is that most of the time, even the people that we love most, and are supposed to always be there for us through thick and thin are the ones least likely to show up at a pep rally for our success when we branch out on our own.

It’s a shame but we could either mope around and cry about it, or we could go on our there and start on our path to network marketing success. Which do you think it’s better.

How to Get to Network Marketing Success Without Support from Loved Ones

If you’re still not fully convinced, I will point out 3 very distinct ways to succeed in network marketing, or any endeavor really, without the moral support that we’d like.

First… Utilize Your Sponsor – You’ve got to realize that you’re in a unique position when it comes to network marketing. Being brought into the business by someone who has a personal benefit in your network marketing success is about as good as it gets.

It’s a different world from the normal corporate world, where usually “higher ups” are fearful of the new person coming and taking their jobs.

Network marketing is built around the fact that your sponsor has a direct influence on your success (of course some don’t do this, so it’s up to you to find the one’s that do). You need to talk to your sponsor often. Stay in touch with them. Tell them when you have a breakthrough. Talk to them when you have a problem and you need advice for getting through it.

But don’t forget it’s ultimately up to you to create your own success, but you can certainly use them as a spring board for motivation.

Second…Attend Trainings and Seminars – There’s no other business where seminars, conventions, and trainings are so motivating that you come out pumped up. You need to utilize these conventions!

Perhaps the greatest thing about them is the fact that you will be surrounded by an ocean of like minded people, all whom which you can keep in contact with after. Especially in the days of Facebook that we’re in, this is easier than ever before.

Third… READ! – So many people drive past their library everyday without thinking about the fact that there’s a whole wealth of motivation and the keys to network marketing success within the walls.

Your best bet is to read books about other success stories, and how other people went on to create their own lives of success. There are thousands of books and biographies about people who have come from nothing to make it huge…huge enough where a publishing company is willing to invest in their life stories with a book deal.

If you’ll take the time to read these books, not only will you become inspired, but you’ll learn a great deal about life, and how to create a successful life for yourself. Success principals fortunately cross over from one industry to another more seamlessly than you might imagine.

So there you have it, you no longer have reason to complain that nobody is there to support your network marketing success.

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