Network Marketing Success – Are You Choosy Enough About Who You Bring Into Your Downline?

January 12, 2012

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Network Marketing SuccessOne of the missing elements from when we dissect network marketing success is very often the act of pre-qualifying our leads, and being choosy who we’ll work with.

Too often, especially with newer network marketers, you’ll be way too accepting of everyone, simply because they’re a lead. But what should happen is that you should be almost so choosy that people have to almost beg to sign up with you.

Of course it’s understandable. After all when you’re going through tons and tons of prospects to get to that one in fifty or even 1 in 100 yes…it’s really hard to get to heavy on the pre-qualifying. However, doing so will almost certainly bring you more success in the long run. The long run however is always more difficult to see.

Ways Qualifying More Stringently Will Help Your Network Marketing Success…

First… let’s not forget one very important thing when it comes to business. Time is money. What does that have to do with qualifying?

Simple…when you don’t qualify your prospects, and you spend time training someone who isn’t committed, qualified, or even serious, then you’re wasting time. That costs you money. Had you done some work in the beginning however in the first place then you likely would have realized that this person wasn’t right for network marketing. You could have saved a lot of trouble on their end as well as yours.

So it’s important that even though you may make some quick cash in the beginning, that you don’t let that cloud your judgment for your longterm. Because when you bring someone into your organization, take the time to train them, take the time to motivate them, etc. that’s time you could be spending with someone who will really appreciate and act on what you’ve taught them.

Sure you can’t be sure with everyone, but you can definitely get a pretty good idea.

Second… you’ve finally got the opportunity to choose who you work with, why not use that to your advantage? How many times have you gone to work, and just looked at some of the people that you’re forced to work with in disgust. You wondered how the heck they were able to even get in the car and drive to work…much less the fact that you’ve got to deal with them for eight hours of your day.

Now that you’ve got the choice, why would you just take any old buddy and bring them into your organization.

Part of it is mentality. You’ve got to remember that you’re giving people an opportunity of a lifetime. You’re not only introducing them to a great opportunity to create financial freedom, but if you’re doing it correctly and the way Ann and I have been doing for nearly 25 years, you’re also showing them exactly how to do it.

That’s not something that YOU can take lightly. You’re giving them the keys to network marketing success, and if you take it lightly, so will they. But if you’re extremely serious about that, and you show them that you are, they’ll see how serious it is…or they’ll pass which is a good thing because again you don’t waste your precious and very expensive time.

Alright so you know what to do when it comes to creating more network marketing success…you must start pre qualifying your prospects and separating the real gems from the stones.

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