Network Marketing Success – 3 Surefire and Simple Ways to Increase Chances of Success in Network Marketing

May 19, 2011

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Network Marketing SuccessIf you’re reading this then it’s likely that network marketing success is prevalent on your mind.

Many people get stuck and paralyzed because there is so much information coming at them from every direction online.

I want to help stop that awful pattern right now a bit, and give you three simple ways that can help you increase your chances of network marketing success.

3 Ways to Close in On Network Marketing Success

#1: Continuous and Consistent Attraction Marketing To the Right Target Market… One of the keys to success in network marketing is to constantly be…well…marketing.

You’ve got to always be bringing fresh leads into your funnel. The only way to get fresh leads that are worth anything to you is to be specific in your target market.

Beyond that, you’ve got to market to them in a way that virtually brings them to you, in a form of marketing now known as attraction marketing, but was formerly and originally named magnetic marketing by one of the greatest marketing geniuses of all time, Dan Kennedy.

Once you get people into your marketing funnel, you need to keep marketing to them until they decide to join your business, or tell you to leave them alone basically.

#2: Being the Sponsor and Mentor That You’re Supposed to Be…Now, while marketing and bringing in fresh leads is the fuel that keeps your business going, the engine of your business is your downline.

They’re actually what drives your business, and actually sets it in perpetual motion. Therefore you’ve got to do your duty…or actually go above and beyond it…as a sponsor and mentor to those in your downline who want to work.

You’ll realize that if you’re effective at mentoring your downline and getting them set up in the systems for success, that even with a smaller downline of action takers, you’ll often out earn and perform competition with larger down lines full of basically lost and languid souls.

Actually with the right marketing and reputation as a mentor you can take those lost souls right from them and turn them into super distributors in your own organization. That leads to huge network marketing success.

#3: Consistency and Accountability…One of the things that I speak about a lot on this blog and my others blogs as well is consistency.

Being consistent with your business means that you work on it each and every day, not just when you want or when you get a chance. It means you treat it like a business and not a hobby, and you show up for work.

That leads to being accountable. You’ve got to first be accountable to yourself, and that will help drive you closer to your goals. You’ve also got to be accountable to your reputation.

That means putting your reputation on the line by announcing your goals so that you’re sure to do them. And next, and I covered this in number two above, you’ve got to be accountable to your organization.

That actually includes both your downline as well as your upline actually.

So there you go, these three things are what should be your main focus if you’re planning on network marketing success.

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