Network Marketing Sponsor – What Can a True Network Marketing Mentor Do for You and Your Business?

February 16, 2010

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mlm-network-marketing-success-300x225You know, in the over two decades that I’ve been in the network marketing industry, I’ve seen and met a ton of people. Some have gone on to do great things and become big deals in this business, while others have struggled endlessly.

Now there are lots of variables that will help decide whether one will succeed or fail in this business. I’ve written about quite a few of them on this blog. But one of the things – in this industry in particular – that makes a huge difference in whether or not someone will succeed is their network marketing sponsor.

So many times I’ve seen people who you would think would be a tremendous success, and they just never reach that level that I have thought they would. And so often it comes down to the fact that their upline sponsor steered them wrong.

There are two valuable lessons to take from this. Two lessons that leave you on both sides of the coin in your network marketing business!

First of all when you’re in a network marketing home business, you’re both a sponsor (or mentor if you’re doing it right) and you’re downline to a sponsor (or mentor if you chose right).

If you think about it as a chain, being you as one link, your upline as a link, their upline as links, and then your downline all as links as well (yes I know they branch off but let’s just think of one line)…then really the chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Therefore one weak link in the chain can ruin the whole entire thing. And so one weak sponsor in a network marketing downline can poison the rest of the downline!

So there’s some shared responsibility here which in essence is the whole beauty of network marketing as whole. The real beauty actually lies in the leverage of that chain, and how each link makes the ones before stronger going one way, and the links that came before are there to bear the weight of the load for the next links.

I think you’re getting the whole analogy of the chain thing by now LOL…

The thing is that hopefully you joined a network marketing opportunity with a chain that was already strong. If not however it’s your responsibility to either leave the weak chain and find one that is strong like you should have done in the first place, or you can simply make sure that the chain is strong from your link down from here on out.

How do you do that? How do you make sure that your downline is full of strong leaders and mentors?

You do it by becoming one yourself, and leading by example. You do it by training your downline the correct way to train their downline and so on and so forth. Sort of like the armed services. The armed services isn’t just there building soldiers actually, the armed services is there building leaders over and over again. That’s what you should be doing.

The difference a network marketing sponsor can make on your life can be the difference of fast and massive success, or a long career of struggle. On the same token, you can be that same difference to those in your downline.

People that join you in your network marketing business genuinely need you to lead them to become great leaders and hugely successful. In essence, when you sign someone up, you owe them that. That’s why they’re signing up. They’re signing up to work with, and learn from you. That’s why they’ve signed up with YOU.

Don’t be like so many people these days, and sign up new distributors into your downline only to throw them to the wolves as soon as they’re credit card has processed. Mentor them, and the pay off will be amazing both in spirit – and of course financially.

If you’re in the beginning process of finding a network marketing sponsor then we’d like to prove to you that we’re mentors and not recruiters. If you’ve signed up with someone who isn’t mentoring you, and has no plans to…or if you can’t go upline from them (which likely doesn’t happen… you know what rolls down hill)…then you owe it to yourself to hook up with real network marketing mentors. Click here now!

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