Network Marketing Skills – What Good Are They If You Don’t Use Them?

February 23, 2010

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There’s a really important question that you need to ask yourself right now when it comes to your network marketing businessskills.

The question is this…are you using the network marketing skills that you’ve been taught, or are you merely just collecting skills?

You see if you’re just a collector of skills that you’re not utilizing then all you’ll ever be is a poor, but very knowledgeable network marketer. And believe me, you won’t be the only one. It’ happens a lot.

People get addicted to learning about new skills but never go on to utilize them because they’re too busy learning about the next new thing.

I’ve seen people who will spend thousands of dollars on trainings and as soon as they go through the trainings, that’s it – they’re done! The training material ends up in a closet or on a hard drive never to be gone through again. The person gets nowhere from this.

Then the next thing you know they’re off to find new network marketing skills that they’re not going to use. It’s a vicious cycle that you don’t want to get caught up in, and if you’re caught up in it already, then you need to really stop it now!

Here’s the deal…it only takes a couple of skills to get you to the success that you’re looking for. And the skills that you need are basic foundational skills that will take you further than you’ve ever thought possible.

These are the skills that we teach our downline right off the bat. It’s what makes up a huge part of our system. Of course over time (2 decades plus now) we’ve been able to perfect these skills and tweak them so that everytime we use them they’re more effective in almost every instance.

That’s the importance of having a system that works. Then the next step is to take that system and tweak it until it converts better and better each and everytime.

But… and this is a huge but…you have to start using the network marketing skills that you’re learning or else you’ll never be able to create a system with them.

Now there may be the problem that you’ve gotten yourself into an organization where your upline doesn’t really understand network marketing from a professional point of view.

They don’t understand that as with any business, from McDonald’s to Microsoft, there’s a way in which things have to work in order for the company to make money. The secret that most people don’t understand is that it’s usually the most basic of skills that make up the system that makes it so effective.

Keeping with the McDonald’s example…there’s not much to making a hamburger. It’s a very basic skill…so much so that McDonald’s is able to hire 15 year old high school students and make it work. But the simple act of making hamburgers, the same way over and over again, has made them one of the most successful companies in the world.

Network marketing is no different. Ann and I have built two of the biggest organizations in the industry, the latest of which with our current network marketing company. This downline is still growing by leaps and bounds, and has spread around the globe in record pace. But guess what.

We don’t use any fancy skills that should cost you thousands of dollars to learn. We use the basic foundational skills of network marketing with a few tweaks here and there. We’ve created a proven system out of those skills, and teach our downline to use them the same way.

The fact is… if you know the basics of network marketing but aren’t seeing success, then it’s because you’re simply just not using those basic skills.

Here’s a challenge… Dedicate 30 days to actually USING the basic skills of network marketing that your upline has furnished you, and just see if you don’t start seeing growth in your business.

If your organization doesn’t teach these skills, and you want proven mentors to teach you these skills in a proven system, then simply click here now!

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