Network Marketing Recruiting– Are you Making This Simple But Huge Mistake with Prospects?

March 1, 2012

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Network Marketing RecruitingIf you’re doing

network marketing recruiting…

which you should be if you’re in this business…then there’s a chance that you’re making a common mistake.

Many people make this mistake and don’t even realize it. Yet, making it could likely be costing you tons of sign ups to your business.

The mistake is apologizing!

Why You Should Never Say Sorry When

Network Marketing Recruiting

Here’s what often happens.

You’ve got a lead, or you’ve got someone that’s shown interest, and you’ve made an appointment to call them. You muster up the courage to call this prospect on the phone and the first thing that you say when they answer is “I’m sorry to bother you”.

That instantly causes a huge problem for you with your marketing.

First… It shows that you lack confidence. Confidence is a huge thing when it comes to recruiting and the fact is that nobody wants to join with or partner up with someone who isn’t confident in themselves. So right there, your prospect has seen a hint of a reason why NOT to partner and work with you.

Not a very good way to make a first impression.

Second… When you apologize, it reminds them… “hey yeah…this person is bothering me”. When you call your prospect you have to assert yourself with the air and attitude that YOU are helping THEM. That you’re doing them a favor by calling them and sharing what you’ve got with them that could very well change their lives for the better, and quite quickly if they do everything you tell them to.

Once you apologize they assume that there’s some truth in the fact that maybe you SHOULD be sorry.

Network Marketing Recruiting

is Like a Chess Game

Unfortunately the whole recruiting aspect of network marketing is a bit like a game. You’ve got to always be thinking one move ahead of your prospect and being keen on what they may be thinking.

Apologizing right off the bat put you automatically on the defensive and now you’ve got to work to get back in ahead of the game again. That’s no way to win at chess, or

network marketing recruiting.

Is your upline sponsor teaching you these secrets about network marketing recruiting?

It could be that they themselves don’t know, or that they’re just not doing their job as a sponsor. Either way, these vital aspects are the sort of thing that you should be kept in the dark about.

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