Network Marketing: Close the Deal

September 4, 2012

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Network MarketingAre you nailing the deal? Is your

network marketing

passion generating conversions? Sometimes in the industry, there are setbacks that can hamper our success. We cannot be perfect at everything but we can be perfect in learning from our mistakes. Every goal is achievable and every conversion will need a little extra effort. The question will be asked now, Have we set an educational goal? In some cases it is wise to rethink our position on how we close deals? Some methods will work for some prospects, while others will be dry as burnt fish.


network marketing

techniques must evolve to reach out on a global basis. Eventually you will want to reach out to France, England, Mexico, Italy and other countries. The internet has expanded our ability to communicate in real time, thus making taking our education and marketing skills to a higher level. How do you close a deal? There is really no wrong way to close a deal, unless it’s illegal and immoral against your company’s ethics. There is a fine line between ethical sales and trickery but your training will have provided the general information on safe practices.


network marketing

techniques are in the grey area but are still acceptable practices, just like white, grey and black hat techniques for search engine optimization. It is best to stay in the white areas, remember that you are building a brand and reputation. This reputation is worth more than gold, it will help increase the level of prospects, memberships, and distributors in your downline and move your product across the seas. The commitment that you give to your upline, downline, prospects is not the end of the world. If you are dedicated to keeping the proper level of support, the rest of the world will eventually see this as a professional skill.

What methods do you use to close a deal? Are you professional in every aspect with figures and facts? What about being warm and fuzzy like a teddy bear, sharing personal stories and being relatable too. Do you combine several techniques into one and make it your own? There is no wrong method (white hat) to close a deal! Some

network marketing

specialists often change their presentations to match the audience. Some use stories, while others use facts and figures and then there are the bold ones that combine a variety of methods. They combine facts, warmth and professionalism into one easy bundle.

The skills are generalized but with experienced are often highly polished tools of the trade. If you are having trouble sealing the deal with a new prospect or selling the product in general, maybe it is time for a little break. Take this time to talk to your mentor, if you just hosted an event, you would want to get their insights. Sometimes during the day we may feel a little discouraged or low on energy. This could affect our marketing ability to our prospects and our interaction with our distributors. Take a moment to reflect on how you “present” yourself to the outside world. Are you expressing enough energy and enthusiasm for the product, your business and for your team?

When was the last time that you accomplished an educational goal in the business? A little refresher may be the ticket in helping solve most sales conversion issues. The right knowledge at the right time may is often the key to a sale. Besides offering a great deal on your product or a sweet incentive to join your team, knowledge is vital in every business deal. When you present to your network marketing prospects with factual and informative information, you have set the stage for a conversion. To close the deal, answer any question that they may offer. Apply sales tactics to help finish the deal and be sincere with each prospect that you personally talk too. They should be treated in a special way from the rest of the others. Create the winning environment by focusing on their needs; building up a repertoire with a prospect is easier over time. We may not get the immediate sale but in time, with enough patience and communication the conversion will happen.

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