Network Marketing Business – How to Jump Start Word of Mouth Marketing for Your Business

October 12, 2011

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Network Marketing BusinessGetting a network marketing business to be profitable fast is extremely important.

In my experience and 25 year so being in this business, I’ve noticed that those who begin earning quickly are the ones that actually end up sticking with the business, and go on to be successful.

One of the easiest ways there are to become profitable fast, and make that success sustainable is through word of mouth marketing. Letting others know about your business, and building your business in that way is powerful. So it’s important that you go about getting good word of mouth started quickly, and the right way.

What Word of Mouth Marketing Can do for a Network Marketing Business

There’s something very powerful about word-of-mouth-marketing.

The fact is that word of mouth is much more influential than any other type of marketing, because people (prospects) are learning about your business from trusted sources. They’re learning about your network marketing business from people who they know and trust. They’re also learning about it from people who have no vested interest in your business, or the profit of your business.

Let’s look at it this way…

If you had a friend telling you about a great new restaurant that they’ve tried, after they were done raving about this place, would you find it more or less appealing if at the end you found out that they were part owner?

Most likely, if you’re like most people, you would find it much less appealing. That’s because the recommendation wouldn’t seem as genuine as it would if they were just telling you about the restaurant because they liked it. It’s not that you mind going to give the owner of the restaurant your business, and/or more specifically your money. But it just seems as though your friend is trying to get you to go in order to put money in his pocket. Even if your friend has every intention in the world, it’s still not the same.

Well it’s the same as with your network marketing business.

You can go around telling people how great your business all day long, but it’s a huge contrast between you telling them with a vested interest, and someone else telling them who stands to make no profit at all. It’s just a psychological thing, and instead of trying to fight that…it’s best to try to work it to your advantage wisely, and tactically.

Tactics for Kick Starting Word of Mouth for Your Network Marketing Business

Getting Attention One of things that you’re going to have to do first is to get your business noticed. Now most people try to do this and fail drastically, because they end up falling into the “me too” category. They end up in that category because they do all of the same things that everyone else is doing.

So right away, it’s a great idea to make yourself stand out, somehow someway. It’s about stepping out of the bounds, and getting people to take notice. This gets people talking about YOU, and your business for a long time to come, therefore setting off the motion of the word of mouth phenomenon.

This could mean doing something that gets you and your business on the news. Having a huge party, with a lot of influencial people present. Doing something that people admire, like helping a charity in the name of your business. The list goes on and on. But if you do something spectacular, people will talk.

Giving Value…The other vital step is to give value. People receive real value so seldom that when they do they love it, and they want to tell everyone they know about it.

This means in your case, giving exceptional service. This can and should start before anyone even joins your business. Going above and beyond to let people know everything they want to know about your business without being pushy is important. As well, being totally honest about your network marketing business and products, without being pushy and hypey will set you way out ahead of the crowd that people are used to these days.

People love value and honesty, and if you can show that consistently, word of mouth will be a huge asset to your network marketing business.

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