Network Marketing Business – Are you Making This Mistake With Your Network Marketing Business?

April 7, 2011

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Network Marketing BusinessThere’s an unfortunate phenomenon that happens when someone begins a home based or network marketing business.

That phenomenon is that people don’t treat their business like a business. I suppose it has to do with a few things like the startup cost being significantly lower, or that your business is run from home.

You can go back to many posts on this blog and read where I tell you that you’ve got to treat your business like a business. But today I’m going to give you one very specific way to do that.

How to Take Your Network Marketing Business To The Next Level Faster

One of the things that people with businesses do, in order to grow their businesses fast, is something that you’re likely not doing.

That thing is RE-INVESTING!

I guarantee you that anyone that you’ve ever seen with a successful business, rather it’s Donald Trump, or the guy who owns the deli down the street, is that they’ve reinvested their earnings back into their business.

In other words, as they started earning money, they didn’t take that money and blow it…they took that money and put it right back into their business. This is the way to grow a business fast and actually blow your network marketing competition out of the water because most of them aren’t doing that.

Where to Focus Your Re-Investing Efforts

So then, where do you invest this money into your business? What part of your network marketing business should this money go to?

There are 2 main areas that you should focus on at first…and probably forever for that matter.

First…Marketing You may have thought I was going to say that. If so though then why haven’t you been doing it? Listen I realize that in the beginning you may have to rely on FREE traffic and marketing methods, but when you start investing money into marketing both online and offline, it opens a whole new world for you.

And the best part is that paid marketing is fast marketing. In other words when you pay for traffic, or you put out an ad in the offline world, then it’s going create a sudden burst of traffic and eyeballs to your business opportunity, rather than the free methods that take a long time to see results. Fast results means faster profits, which means more money to re-invest.

Second…Automation You should always be looking for as many ways as possible to automate your business. You got into this business for passive income correct? Well then, why wouldn’t you do the things and take the steps that make it passive?

Things like investing in auto-responder software that lets you set and forget about your email marketing tasks.

Another way to invest into automation of your business is to invest in outsourcers. These are people that you pay to do the tasks that you normally do. For instance writing articles, creating websites, getting website traffic, SEO, creating flyers, creating brochures, handing out fliers and brochures, etc. etc. etc. The list goes on and on. As many tasks as you can imagine, this is where you could be reinvesting a portion of your earnings.

This is how real businesses run and grow their business…why should you run and grow your network marketing business the same way?

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