Network Marketing Advice from Dr. Seuss – Stop Caring What Others Think So Much

November 10, 2011

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Network Marketing Advice from Dr. SeussEver think you could get network marketing advice from Dr. Seuss?

Here’s a quote that you really need to consider…

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”

That quote is something that every new network marketer should memorize, because worrying about what others are going to think holds so many people back.

Why Does Dr. Seuss Give Such Good Network Marketing Advice?


Dr. Seuss is of course loved by nearly everyone. All of his books are fun, funny, and nearly riveting. Kids love them but I believe that adults can get so much from them as well, because we forget so much of the great advice that can be gleaned from his work.

The quote above is extremely relevant for you if you’re a new network marketer or if you’re a seasoned pro who’s having a bit of a hard time.

We all tend to worry a little too much what people will think of us when we do something. Some more than others…but some simply let it paralyze them.

For instance, I often hear from new distributors in the industry who come and tell me that they haven’t told anyone about their business yet. Or that they don’t want to ask their warm list to look at it until they become successful. These are usually the people that either end up quitting, or struggling for years.

The best network marketing advice you can ever get is to not care so much what others think of you.

Listen, there will always be those people in life who love nothing more than to stomp all over someone’s dreams. These are the people that Dr. Seuss talks about that “don’t matter”.

They don’t matter because they really don’t care about you or your best interest. In fact what they’re thinking about always is their interest. And their interest in seeing you not turn out successful is simply so they never have to feel inadequate.

These are the people that try to drag you down with them so they’re not alone.

But here’s the surprising part. It’s not always your sworn enemies who will do this to you. Sometimes you find out much too late that it’s the people who are supposed to care for you the most, that try to drag you down from your dreams and goals.

You have to simply ignore these people and go about your business. If they’re acting in this manner, then right now, they really don’t matter. (Lil Dr. Seuss of my own there 😉

“Those who matter don’t mind” are the people that are around you who will support you at what you do. They’ll cheer you on. They’ll celebrate with you, because these are the people who are secure with themselves, and who have their own goals and dreams.

You succeeding doesn’t frighten them, it motivates them to do the same!

If you get anything from this network marketing advice, it should be that these are the types of people that you’ll want to spend the majority of your time with.

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