Network Marketing Advice – Why You Need to Be Thinking About the REAL Reason People Join Network Marketing

October 5, 2011

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Network Marketing AdviceIn honor of loving to give you network marketing advice that you won’t hear most places, I want to give you some of that advice today.

It’s something that you probably haven’t heard much when it comes to this business.

What I’m talking about is the truth about why, how, and when people join a network marketing business.

Seldom Heard Network Marketing Advice…

Most people don’t take the time to truthfully analyze this business of network marketing. Many of the people in network marketing get a little arrogant about the business, and think that the world truly is beating a path to their door to join their business opportunity.

While confidence is great to have, and you should be confident with the opportunity that you present to people, reality is even more important. Reality and truth leaves you knowing exactly how to act and react in real life situations.

So with that said, most people won’t tell you that in the majority of cases, people really aren’t all that often looking to join a network marketing business.

Sure they may be looking for a way to make extra income somehow, someway, but the fact is that they’re not really looking to join a network marketing company. In fact most people who join network marketing had no idea what network marketing was before they joined. They learned about from the person who introduced them to it.

Now, don’t let this bruise your ego about your network marketing business. This network marketing advice is not meant to depress you into thinking that nobody wants what you have to offer, but it’s to shake you into reality and make you see that YOU are going to have to be able to educate people on your business most of the time.

How then do you use this information?

Well like all marketing, network marketing being no exception, you have to get to know your customers and the thoughts that are going on inside their head.

Now that you know that most likely they’re not seeking out a way to join a network marketing company, you can begin to learn what it is that they are looking for.

For the most part, people are looking for a way out of the grind. They’re looking to make some extra money and cover their bills without killing themselves at a second job, or with overtime that they usually can’t get at their job anyway. Network marketing can do that.

They might be looking to make it big, and become rich and financially free. They might have that entrepreneur spirit, but just don’t know the right vehicle. Network marketing can be that vehicle.

Some people might just be looking to make a difference. They want to help people. They want to help make other people’s dreams come true. They want to help make other people find health and feel good for once. Often times network marketing can do THAT!

Others might be looking for a way to survive after retirement. They’re getting to the age where working isn’t in the cards for them anymore, but they know that their nest egg isn’t going to cut it even to have a normal lifestyle. They need another plan. Network marketing can be that plan.

So the point here is that you realize that most people aren’t actively seeking to join a network marketing business. You’re going to have to simply match what they are seeking with the fact that network marketing CAN help them. That’s brutally honest network marketing advice that you really need to heed.

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