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August 31, 2011

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Network Marketing Advice - Finding Your PurposeOne of the things that comes up time and time again when people are looking for network marketing advice is… “how can I reach success faster?”

It makes sense, because when people feel stuck is often times when they’ll come to me for this advice.

One of the things that I’ve noticed is that a lot of these people have something rather revealing in common.

Network Marketing Advice YOU Yourself May Need Right Now

I’ve got a question for you? Hopefully you know the answer to it, but there’s a really good chance that you don’t.

The question is…What Is Your Purpose In Life?

Have you figured that out yet? Do you know what that is? If you haven’t – and you don’t – and you’re having trouble with your network marketing business, then this could very well be why.

You see, understanding your life’s purpose goes well beyond just being a spiritual buzz word. It’s an element of your life that you don’t realize the importance of, until you realize that maybe you really don’t know it.

John F. Kennedy said this… “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

On this blog I’ve talked over and over about efforts, and even often about having courage and taking action. But like Kennedy says, that action…without the Purpose…simply is not enough.

Perhaps though Friedrich Nietzsche said it even better when he said this “To forget one’s purpose is the commonest form of stupidity.”

Network Marketing Advice On Why Purpose Is So Vital…

When we do something with Purpose, that purpose is like the steam in our engine that pushes down the track.

Purpose is vital because it gives you a reason WHY much bigger than yourself, or even your business. When you have purpose, then your business simply becomes a vehicle to get your closer to the goals that support that purpose. Then suddenly what happens that little obstacles don’t seem so big.
Instead of thinking of these obstacles as huge boulders in your way, they become pebbles that you simply kick out of your way and move on. You find solutions to problems much easier when your purpose is your focus.

Success demands singleness of purpose.~ Vince Lombardi

Network Marketing Advice for Finding Your Purpose

So one thing that people often do that’s completely the worst thing that you could do to find your life’s purpose, is to well…copy someone else’s life purpose.

Whether it be a friend, a relative, a parent, a grandparent…doesn’t matter. Your life purpose is something that you have to find all on your own. It takes some deep digging into your soul, and some research on the things that are meaningful to you.

Many people find their purpose in enriching other’s lives, and leaving the world a better place. This is often a huge catalyst that drives people forward with their network marketing business quite quickly. That’s because people realize that once their business is doing well, create financial independence and then some, that they can then take that freedom to work even more toward their goals that benefit their Purpose.

See how that works?

Of course there’s a lot more to finding your purpose than I can give you here in this limited space. If you want to learn more about finding your purpose, plus get great network marketing advice on getting Astonishing Results in Life, then click here now!

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