Network Marketing Advice – The Mistake You’re Likely Making, Which Is Slowing Down Your Network Marketing Growth

December 7, 2011

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Network Marketing AdviceIf ever there were a piece of network marketing advice, that’s either not listened to enough, or ignored way too often, it’s the advice I’m going to be giving you today.

It’s one of the things that make successful businesses successful. It’s also one of the reasons why most businesses fail if not followed.

Hopefully you’re not making the same business mistake, but if you are, I’m going to show you how to fix it fast, and effectively.

Network Marketing Advice That’s Sometimes Hard to Implement…But You’ve Got to Do It

So why do some people seem to have large network marketing businesses that grow extremely fast, while others prod along for years without any significant growth.

The answer is probably very simple. Those with the businesses that have significant growth REINVEST into those businesses. Those who stagger along seemingly forever, simply don’t.

Are you reinvesting in your business? If not you should, and I want to give you ways in which you can do that.

But here’s the key to doing this. You have to get the mindset that the money that you’re making with your business isn’t really yours to spend yet. I know, it is hard, but it’s essential. If you do have to give yourself part of the profit for spending, make it as small amount as you can.

It’s easy to get into the trap of earning money, sticking it in your checking account, and going out and spending it on bills or going out for dinner, but the fact is that this will keep you spinning your wheels much longer. You’re trying to get out of the rat race aren’t you?

Some Network Marketing Advice to Get Your Reinvesting Fast and Furiously

First…Invest in Marketing – There’s no better place to re-invest than with marketing. Why? Because marketing creates growth, and that’s what you want. You always want to be investing in things that are going to cause your business to grow.

This is the network marketing advice that many people mess up though actually when they receive it.

You’ve got to invest wisely. You can’t go willy nilly into blowing profits, because they then become a loss, and before you know it you’re treading water. When marketing your network Marketing test slowly.

Things like banner ads, pay per click, post card marketing, newspaper ads, whatever are all things that you can try, but they’re also things where you can lose your shirt. So test gently and then scale up as you find things that work, or more so…as you tweak things until they work.

Second…Invest Into a System – You’ve heard me speak of systems plenty, and how important I think they are.

You can invest into a system in a couple of ways. You can get an all in one lead generation system that’s proven, or you can do it in piece-meal.

The truth is that the systems that are sold are usually something that you’ll have to piece together anyway. They’re rarely all in one as they claim. Most of the time, they’re basically a course that gives you network marketing advice on how to build your system.

If that’s the case, then simply build out slowly, and invest in the pieces of the system as you go, whether that means doing things yourself (see the next network Marketing advice below) or outsourcing it.

Systems will be what makes your business eventually work on autopilot, so that sooner you start getting that in place, the faster you’ll be able to start spending some of those profits.

Third…Invest WISELY in your Education – Actually this is another area where people get things completely wrong very often. Investing in your education doesn’t mean that you buy everything that comes down the pike. Doing this is just another way to spin your wheels and over.

But things that are relevant to building the part of your business that you’re working on now. For instance, if you’re working on Pay Per Click, then research and find out what the very best Pay Per Click course or book is, and take action on what you learn from that.

Don’t buy anything else until you’ve figured out what you’ve set out to figure out… …Building a website, building a blog, marketing, saving money, hiring outsourcers, etc. There are tons of books on each. Find the ones that are well reviewed and use those and those alone. And only work on one subject at a time until you’ve figured it out. Otherwise you’ll become severely overwhelmed and not do anything.

If you’ve ever taken network marketing advice, and ignored it, don’t less this be the advice that you decide to ignore.

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