Network Marketing Advice – How to Get People to Read, Understand, and Act On Your Online Content

April 27, 2011

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Network Marketing AdviceOne of the topics of network marketing advice that people often come to me for is their writing.

They want to know how to make their writing better, more persuasive, and well…have it get them results.

While this is something that you get better at over time just doing it, it doesn’t hurt to get some pointers on it that you can follow as well.

Network Marketing Advice for Getting Your Writing Read

One of the most important things to remember is that nobody can act on anything you write, if they don’t read it in the first place.

Your Headline

You may have heard that your headline is important when writing ads or sales material, but most people don’t realize that it’s just as important when writing consumable content like blog posts, articles, fliers, press releases, emails, etc.

Your headline is there to get attention as well as (and this is the part that a lot of people don’t get)…to make people want to keep reading your material. That might sound obvious but writing a headline just for the sake of getting attention isn’t doing yourself any favors. Writing a headline that gets attention and gives the person a reason to read it is vital.

Your Copy… Avoiding a Huge Mistake That Many People Make

One of the biggest mistakes that network marketers make is being snooty tooty with their copy.

In other words, people try to make their writing sound as if they’re trying to sound smart…as if they’re turning it in for a grade in college. But that’s one of the biggest mistakes that you could ever make with any of your writing. You want to make your writing as drop dead simple as it can possibly be.

In fact, you want it be so simple that a 5th grader could read it. It may sound crazy but the fact is that most people read at a 5th grade level. Even those that read at a higher level actually would rather not. You see, when you write at a 5th grade level you take out the work that people have to do in order to understand your writing. They can just consume it, and they don’t have to think about it.

In other words, there’s nothing getting in the way. They don’t have to pause and think. They don’t have to second guess. They just read it. And what that does is streamline the process. They just flow through it, and that means when they get down to the bottom where you have a link, or a call to action, they’ll more likely take that action, because they understand precisely what that action is.

There’s no guess work.

So there you have it, and honestly this could be the type of network marketing advice that could send your profits through the roof if you’ll just focus on these basics.

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