Network Marketing Advice – Are You Assuming Too Much When It Comes to Prospecting?

April 20, 2011

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As a network marketing trainer, and a networker with a huge downline, I of course get a lot of calls and emails each and everyday from people wanting of<h1> network marketing advice.</h1>

Many of those emails have to do with prospecting.

Prospecting is a difficult thing for nearly all network marketers. Some get over it after a while, and others just can’t get over that fear of failure. They obsess over the fear of what a prospect will think about them once they speak to them about their business.

It holds many people back, and one of the things that people do wrong is to ASSUME they know what their prospect will think of their opportunity, or their business.

What Assuming Does, Besides Make an @ss Out of You and Me

Network Marketing AdviceThis may be some of the most important network marketing advice you’ll ever get from me so pay attention…

It happens all the time. When we bring someone into our organization, and Ann takes them by the hand to train them, she often has the same problem. The problem is that people don’t want to talk to people that they know about their business.

They don’t want to talk to their neighbor, their Aunt, their parents, their co-workers, the list goes on.

Now I know that it’s fashionable to put down actually doing any sort of personal prospecting these days. Everyone touts how they can give you the way to get thousands upon thousands of prospects lining up to sign up to your opportunity, and you’ll never have to talk to one of them, ever.

They’ll also tell you how bothering people on your warm list is a waste of time and that they don’t want to hear about your business opportunity. The funny thing is that most of these people saying this are just regurgitating what a hand full of great direct and internet marketers on the internet are saying…however as they regurgitate this…they’re secretly sighing everytime they look at their empty downline.

However I do beg to differ with those touting this, and I’ve got a fifty thousand plus organization to back it up. And the fact is that it’s our training that’s gotten us that organization, and made some very real financial freedom for many.

So back to the problem that many people have when they join up with us. They have the problem of assuming what someone is going to say or think about you once you show them your opportunity.
But the truth is that you truly have NO IDEA what’s going on in your prospects mind, life, or what circumstances that they’re in at the moment.

For all you know they could just have been hit over the head with a huge doctor’s bill that they can’t pay for. They could be right now owing money on taxes that they can’t pay. They could have a sick parent that they’re going to have to take care of, or be secretly laying awake at night staring at the ceiling, wishing something or someone would come along and help put their kids through college in 2 years when they graduate.

And the best part is that it doesn’t take much to ask, and it also doesn’t take much for that person to say “nah I’ll pass”…which will likely end with a “but thanks anyways, I’ll keep it in mind”. Or it could end with a “thanks anyways, but here’s my Uncle’s phone number, he’s been seriously thinking about starting a business to supplement his retirement income savings”.

If you do anything this year with your business, follow this<h1> network marketing advice, </h1>and don’t assume anything about your prospect.

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