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June 2, 2011

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Network Marketing AdviceAre you in a situation where you’re looking for network marketing advice because you need to make more money at the end of the month, but have nobody in the hopper who will likely join your business or become new customers?

We all end up there sometimes. The “ebb and flow” of this business is sometimes more ebb than it is flow. That’s just the nature of the beast sometimes.

But all is not lost in this situation if you’ve got a downline and current customers.

The Network Marketing Advice That Uses What You’ve Already Got

So in business in general, there’s two ways to increase your income. Either get new customers, or get the customers that you’ve got to buy more stuff. Sometimes we have to rely on the latter because the first just isn’t looking good.

But how can you make this happen? How can you get people to increase their spending on products? Well there are many ways, and sometimes it just takes a little imagination, but I wouldn’t be giving good network marketing advice without giving some examples.

Remind Them of Discounts Available – very often network marketing companies will feature different products for a discount each month. But sometimes when this message comes to your downline members they’ll tend to ignore it simply because it’s become such a staple in the email box.

However there’s a good change that YOU shooting out an email blast to tell them will jog something in some of their minds and give the product new attention. In other words, email your list and say “hey, xyz product is on sale this month. I use it and love it, my grandmother used it and it helped her with her ______, if you’ve been thinking about trying it now might be a good time since it’s on discount.”

Also remind them to remind their downline, customers, prospects, and friends and family as well. This is another way to increase your sales volume.

Do Your Own “Featured Product” – Just because a product isn’t on sale at a discount doesn’t mean that you can’t bring attention to it. Write out an email or short report that gives the benefits of a certain product.

You’ll be surprised how many network marketers in your downline don’t have a clue about some or even most of their products. Featuring these products however will give them insight, and reignite interest.

Remember to explain the benefits of the product and all the problems that it could be a solution for. You never know what will hit a nerve with people.
If you write a short PDF report, create a video, or even a simple email…you can give your downline permission to use the material for their own downlines, thus increasing your chances of higher sales volume even more so.

Remind Your Downline of People in Need – You may want to remind your downline that not everyone can afford the products that you and they know can help so much.

Let them know that there are people that they know and love that could likely use the products if they just rack their brain a little. Prompt them to go ahead and purchase extra for this person (or these people). Remind them how good charity feels, and how easy it is to claim charity on their tax returns.

Don’t Forget Samples – A quick and easy way to get your downline to order more product is to remind them that they need to hand out samples to build interest. Create a report about the power of using samples as a marketing method and how it’s helped you in the past. Again let them know they’re free to use that report as well as long as they hand it out as is. This will increase your volume by tons and can even be done every few months.

So there you go… more network marketing advice that you’re likely not hearing anywhere else.

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