Network Marketing Advice – 3 Tips on How to Make Network Marketing Fun Again…

March 24, 2011

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Network Marketing AdviceI have people asking me network marketing advice, who have been in this business for a while.

Why are they asking me for advice? Because some of them get into a slump and well…things just aren’t fun anymore.

It happens in every career, every industry, in every endeavor of life. You put so much into something, spending all of your time working, working, working…and then you get to a point of…well…burnout!

For some, they let it completely take over their business and end up quitting. For others it’s a phase, and they get rejuvenated again.

So how do you get rejuvenated? What the network marketing advice I give to these people to make network marketing fun again?

3 Pieces of Network Marketing Advice On How to Make Network Marketing Fun Again…

Tip #1 Remember the Networking Part… We in the home business/network marketing industry sometimes get into a period where we’re working in solitary confinement.

We sit alone at our desks, and sometimes…especially when things are running as smoothly as we’d like them to be…we get lonely and bummed out. But some of the best network marketing advice you’ll ever hear is that you have to remember the “network” part of network marketing.

You have to remember to socialize in this industry. When we speak to other people, even if it’s a weekly meeting with our organization, we get rejuvenated. But you could also make it fun!

If any of your organization live near you, then throw a party for them. Have a barbeque. Speak a little about business, and then proceed to have fun.

You can also go to seminars or meetings to see people. Make it fun. Enjoy the fact that you’re involved in an industry where you get the opportunity to meet new people, constantly make new friends, and work in tandem with these people on a daily basis.

Tip #2 Create Rewards as Short Term Goals… Sure maybe your long-term network marketing goals are far off, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy hitting new goals all the way up to those long term goals.

For instance, you can plan a short vacation every 3 months if you close a certain amount of prospects. Maybe for each week that you get two new product customers you go out to dinner. Anything that will motivate you, give you something to strive for, and give you something to enjoy doing will work.

Tip #3 Create Contests… Having a downline is no different than having employees. Employees work much better when they’re rewarded. It gives them something to work toward. Your downline is the exact same way.

So to rejuvenate your business, and your enjoyment of the business, create a contest.

For instance, you can give away an Iphone to whoever closes the most prospects in a give month or period of time of your choosing. Actually it doesn’t even have to be anything on that grand of a scale. It could be something as simple as movie tickets or a gift certificate to a restaurant. Whatever you choose, it will definitely help to get some of your downline moving.

The fun part is that YOU can be the ringleader to get the people going by announcing weekly who is on top. This will work wonders for your downline, and could easily be the piece of network marketing advice that creates huge numbers for you this year.

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