Network Marketing – Why Being Flexible Is Vital to Your Success At This Time Right Now

January 5, 2012

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Network MarketingMany in network marketing are having a tough time right now.

They’re not seeing the success that they thought they might, or were promised that they would see, or worse yet…were at one time seeing.

Things change very quickly now, and what worked yesterday may not work as good today. Basically it’s hard to stay consistent with just one method, so now you’ve got to be able to adapt.

Why Being Flexible Is So Important for Network Marketing Nowaday

Network marketing is an industry that’s gone through a lot of changing over the last decade.

For a business that’s stayed virtually the same for thirty to fifty years before that, the internet came and pretty much shook it to it’s core. It turned what people knew for their entire careers upside down, and suddenly they had no clue what they could do to make thing start to happen again, and therefore of course get the residual income flowing in again.

While many of them were left scratching their heads wondering what to do now with this new internet, others had already seen change coming and began learning how to utilize it to their advantage. They entered the online world rather seamlessly simply because they were flexible enough in their thinking that they were able to adapt, and therefore achieve success online, just as they had offline…if not even more so.

But that wasn’t the end of change. Change in network marketing has been non stop ever since. Where being apart of newsgroups once sufficed, that quickly didn’t work much longer. Where mirror websites once worked for distributors, it came time to learn to build your own.

Where having a website of your own was plenty, you eventually needed a blog to go along with it.

Where search engines were as easy as keyword stuffing, you eventually needed to have original, relevant, and useful content to even hope to compete.

And the list of changes goes on and on. Things seem to change monthly or even weekly. But some are unfettered. They carry on and push through these changes quickly and like clockwork, often being well prepared before the change ever really takes place.

Others are still stuck in the dinorsaur ages of network marketing, hoping that the three foot rule will never go away… not realizing that with social media the 3000 foot rule applies nearly as well, if not better.

Being flexible and adaptable has been an assett on this earth since time began. Animals have evolved, going from swimmers, to land creatures, to the air, and some utilizing all. Others grew thumbs and started walking upright and now rule the kingdom…but who knows what’s to come down the line.

Eventually we all need to adapt to something new, because the world…and especially the online world is a fast moving place to keep abreast of.

Don’t get stuck in the fog, wondering where to go next with YOUR network marketing business.

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