Network Marketing – So What Happens to All of the Pour Souls Lying in the Wake of Bad Network Marketing Sponsors?

November 9, 2011

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Network MarketingIn network marketing, one of the often unspoken aspects is the tragedy of the poor souls that get lost in the wake from downlines.

These are the people in yours and others downlines, who try but don’t quite ever see success.

What happens to these people, and how does it hurt our industry?

A Good Reason to Focus On Your Network Marketing Downline with a Keen Eye

So not only is it quite tragic for you to look into your back office and see that down line members have left, but there’s another tragedy that plays a role.

It’s the actual people that have left.

What has happened to them… and their hopes, and dreams?

What happens to their soul? What do they now think not only of this industry, and you, but also of themselves?

Now I’m talking about those that were actually trying to succeed in network marketing, and not those that were hoping for a free ride and overnight success. Of course those people can’t always be helped. But the problem is that all too often good people are being basically ignored and turned away, because those that bring them into their organizations aren’t there for them when they need to be.

Are you that type of network marketing sponsor? Are you sure?

Are you helping people that actually want to succeed as much as you could? Are people walking away from your organization with disappointment? Are good people being left behind and feeling as though they’ve wasted their time with your business?

The truth is that every time this happens, there’s a trail of pain and tragedy that goes into play. You may think that I’m being a bit melodramatic, but am I?

Let’s think about what happens in the wake of the people who come into this business with truly great intentions to succeed in network marketing.

First of all, there’s now a potentially gaping hole in your businesses organization. I say “potentially gaping” because the fact is that someone with a ton of drive to succeed can be an amazingly huge force on your team. This person could have gone on to create a major downline in YOUR downline tree. This in turn would have created enormous amounts of passive residual income… you know that income that you’re truly after in life.

Second, when someone leaves YOUR organization on bad terms (meaning that they truly wanted to succeed but didn’t get the help and tools that they needed, and therefore felt abandoned) they usually don’t leave quietly.

No you may not hear them. You may never get the feedback, but they’re almost definitely ruining your reputation in some circles. And actually these could have been the very circles that they would have been building their business in…and building your business.

But it goes beyond just you.

They’re also going to likely get a very bad taste in their mouth for an industry that could have potentially changed their lives for the better in enormous ways. They’re not going to speak kindly of this industry…and of course bad news travels fast. The more of that bad news that travels around, the harder it is for all of us to bring in great people.

And then there’s the true tragedy. The person who was extremely excited about their new network marketing business and the joy, relief, and enrichment it was going to bring into their lives…but just ended up disappointed.

This will affect their life more than you may think.

They were putting time and effort into this. They made an investment. Who knows what burden that caused them. Plus the fact that they had dreams that have been stomped on. That destroys self esteem, confidence, and perseverance to try again.

Here’s what I hope you get out of this post. Network marketing is a relationship business. There are real people behind the numbers in your back-office. These people have emotions, feelings, dreams, and goals. There’s also an entire industry whose name is on the line. And then lastly there’s your name, and your honor to your business. Try not to leave this trail of tragedy in the wake of your network marketing business.

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