Network Marketing – Is Video the Ultimate Machine for Attraction Marketing?

February 16, 2011

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Network MarketingOne of the great buzz words in network marketing has for a long time now been attraction marketing.

You may or may not know that attraction marketing is basically a way of marketing where you get prospects coming to you, rather than you having to go out and chase them around. It’s the type of marketing where you’re not pushing your opportunity down your prospects throat, but rather letting them find you.

This is done by putting valuable content out on the web that people are already looking for, and letting them find it as they’re searching around, and then stumbling upon you as the expert and someone who seems to know what they’re talking about.

It’s a great concept, and actually the credit for it should go to the guy who may not have invented it, but who actually put it into theory and called it magnetic marketing. That genius man was Dan Kennedy!

Anyways savvy network marketers grabbed the torch and ran with it, and coined the term attraction marketing which fits quite well.

The concept is glorious and works brilliantly, and one of the greatest ways of putting attraction marketing into practice is through the use of video marketing.

Video marketing is quite the epitome of attraction marketing because fulfills one of the great missing elements of marketing in general which is trust! Trust is the great barrier to marketing, especially online because of the fact that marketing is done so anonymously. You never know who the guy on the other side of the screen who wrote the content that you’re reading is. You never know if they really know their stuff or if they’re phony bologna. You never know if they’ve got your best interest at heart, or if they’re simply out to rip you off.

But video breaks through that barrier quite well, and quite quickly because you’re lending a face to the name. You’re breaking through that barrier and people can see who you are, they can hear your voice, as well as take in your content all at once. It’s pretty ingenious to say the least and the fact that it’s so readily available to us in network marketing, and that websites like YouTube get so much traffic that in an instant you can upload a video and be in front of millions of prospects is breath taking.

So How Do You Make Video Marketing Work Effectively for Network Marketing?

First of all it’s important that you realize that you don’t have to be fancy with your videos. In fact it’s actually better if you’re not fancy, and actually if your videos look sort of low budget. You can see this by watching the videos of some of the richest internet marketers in the world, who look like they’re using their cell phone to record the video. Actually a lot of times they are.

The reason is that it makes the video much more personal. It makes the video appear as though it’s a video sent from you to a friend.

That being said, if you want to be truly effective for network marketing, you basically want to have the video be YOU talking directly into the camera to your prospects, almost as if you were on a Skype chat with your friend across the country that you haven’t seen. In your prospects eyes, this will appear as though you’re talking directly to them and that you and they are personally connected. This creates huge trust and bonding and is essential.

Of course a lot of people worry about the content for their videos. What will you say in your video. It’s actually quite simple. If you’ve been marketing online then you’re likely writing content such as articles etc. Well you can simply read your articles into the camera, or at least talk about the gist of your videos, and walla, you’ve got content right there.

If you haven’t written any articles, then it might be time to start so that you can kill two birds with one stone. Articles are great for attraction marketing as well.

So there you have it, you now know a way to use attraction marketing that cuts straight through the clutter and into the mind of your network marketing prospect, that hardly anyone is using correctly.

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