Network Marketing – Is Facebook Worth Your Time?

March 31, 2011

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Network Marketing FacebookIf you’re in network marketing, you’ve probably wondered whether or not Facebook is worth putting time into.

Of course you hear about Facebook around every corner, but you may have wondered if it’s worth dedicating time to something that’s just going to fade out soon anyway.

Well the truth is that Facebook is likely not going anywhere, and though it’s not the end-all-be-all of marketing or network marketing more specifically…and not the basket where you’ll want to put all of your eggs…it is something that is worth adding into your repertoire.

Why Should I Invest Time in Facebook for My Network Marketing Business

Now I’m not usually one to jump on a trend. I like a solid foundation which is why my downline has grown to over 50 countries and over fifty thousand strong in the last 4 years… all on solid foundation principles.

But Facebook is no longer a trend, or at least a passing trend. It’s also built wisely on solid foundation and very strategically expands to meet the growing demand of its user base, without going overboard.

This means that it fits the criteria for Ann and I to add into our repertoires.

Success in Network Marketing With Shear Large Numbers

That’s not all though. Let’s think about it this way. When you started marketing your business online, you probably thought to yourself I have to get into Google. If I get on Google’s front page for my search terms I stand to make a killing because of the sheer numbers of people passing through each day. It’s sort of like that crappy shop in the mall that makes you wonder how they make it. Well they make it because of the sheer number of people passing through.

Well on that theory then Facebook is a vital part of your marketing efforts because it has recently begun to surpass Google in traffic. This doesn’t mean at all that you should move all of your network marketing efforts over to Facebook, away from Google at all. Both sites are very different and the fact is that when people are on Google, they’re actually there to search. People are on Facebook to do nothing of the sort, so it’s definitely an “apples and oranges” comparison. It merely means that you should add Facebook to the mix.

Now according to “Small Business Labs”, and blog by the same name, over 27% of small businesses use Facebook now. That’s up from 17% last June. That’s a huge spike, and it means that people must be seeing results.

Not only that, according to the same website in another article, time spent on Facebook is considerably longer compared to almost all other sites. This means that you’ve got much more time for exposure. It also creates a good reason for you to advertise on Facebook!

Facebook for business is here to stay a while as long as Facebook keeps the sharks and spammers away.  Facebook and network marketing,  by the name alone makes for a great opportunity…one that you shouldn’t be missing.

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