Network Marketing – I’ve Just Joined a Network Marketing Company…Now What?

October 18, 2010

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So you’ve just joined a network marketing company, and now you’re thinking “now what the heck do I do?”.

If that’s the spot you’re in don’t feel bad, it happens all the time.

It’s part of the steps of joining a business opportunity of any type, but especially a network marketing company.
Network Marketing

What to Do When You Join Network Marketing…

Here’s what happens. You get all excited to join, you talk to the sponsor who’s recruiting you, you read about the company, you study all of the finer points of the compensation plan and the bonuses, and then you sign. It’s really a great rush, because it’s the beginning of your new life. Your life has the ability from here on out to change for the better, but it’s of course totally up to you what you do with your network marketing business.

Right now is one of the most important times of your business. What you do in the beginning can set the tone for the rest of your career in the network marketing field. But a lot of people get stuck right in this spot.

Sometimes it’s not the person’s fault, it’s the sponsors fault. It’s your sponsor’s job to get you started in the right direction so that you have the best chance of network marketing success. But some sponsors aren’t really sponsors at all, they’re simply recruiters. Not all but some. If that’s the type you have, then you’ll realize that right away, but no worries because you can still succeed.

But anyways, here are…

The 3 First Steps That You Should Take When Joining a Network Marketing Business

First…Talk to Your Sponsor and Get Directions from Them! Yes this may sound very logical, but sometimes the most logical of things don’t get done correctly.

The fact is that your sponsor is there to mentor you and get you started the right way. Your sponsor should have a system for you to jump into. Of course depending on who your sponsor is, the business, and the business model that you and your sponsor have chosen, that could mean a variety of things.

For some it could mean creating a list of your friends and family (the warm market) who might be interested. For others it could mean signing you up for their lead buying service (I hope not!). For other’s it could mean getting you started online creating a landing page and getting traffic to that landing page to collect leads online.

But here’s the thing. If your sponsor in network marketing doesn’t help you, then you need to go UPLINE from them. You need to find out who their sponsor is, and who their sponsor is, so on and so forth until you find someone who will help you and train you for successful network marketing.

Second…Get Your Mind Right for Success! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Network Marketing is a business that has self-development at its foundation. There are few businesses like this in the world.

But one thing that it requires is that you’ve got your mind right for success. This can mean reading books that teach you about leadership, motivate you, success stories, and about money and how money affects your life.

These are the fundamentals of network marketing. Setting your mind up for success, and developing the habits of successful people – both within network marketing and outside of it – is crucial.

There will be obstacles that get in your way. Like any endeavor in life, if it were super simple, then everyone would be successful. But it’s those who learn to overcome the obstacles of network marketing, or whatever their goals are, who become successful.

Third…Schedule your Time! So in our experience those who have done the best, and who have had the most success in network marketing are those who have not just taken action…but those who have taken consistent DAILY action.

In other words, it’s not enough to just get amped up and do a bunch of stuff on Monday, and then wait 2 weeks on the following Friday, and then do a bunch more stuff.

No! The way to success in the network marketing business is to take it extremely seriously (like a business…not a hobby), and each and everyday work on your business.

Listen, you know better than I do how much time you have each day to work on your network marketing business. You may only have 1 full hour each day. Well if that’s the case you better make that hour each day count. You better take action that’s going to move you forward, and do it consistently every day.

Want more time, then give up TV for a while, or stay up a half hour later each night and wake up a half hour early each morning. But be consistent every single day, at least 5 days a week, 6 is better!

So there you have it! If you just joined a network marketing company then the first step is to get on the phone with your upline sponsor and ask him what the heck it is that you should be doing…step-by-step. Make sure you understand. Make sure that you can contact your sponsor (email, phone, Skype, instant message) whatever it takes.
If you take the advice I’ve laid out here, your network marketing business has nowhere to go but UP!

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