Network Marketing – How to Get Past the Fear of Cold Calling…

March 17, 2011

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One of the activities that people fear most about network marketing is cold calling.

So how do you get past this fear very quickly?
Network Marketing
Well the simple answer, and I think you’ll like it is…don’t do it!

Wow, that was easy!

You see that didn’t hurt at all right? So here are a couple of points that you need to realize when it comes to your network marketing business.

First of all, it’s YOUR business so if cold calling isn’t something that you’re comfortable with, then don’t do it. Now while there are certain things I’ll say that with, there are others that I won’t. There are some things that if you don’t take the time to not only do, but learn how to do well, it can be detrimental to your business.

Cold calling is not one of them, because frankly it’s an intrusive form of advertising that most of your prospects will NOT like!

That being said it CAN be an effective part of network marketing for those that are skilled, but if it were something that you didn’t do, the fact is that there are better ways to grow your network marketing business.

How to Grow Your Network Marketing Business Without Having to Cold Call

The best way to grow your network marketing is of course to get people to come to you. The video below explains quickly what that means, so that you can avoid making cold calls, and get people to actually come to you instead.

You see, the answer to your cold calling fear is simply to get your phone ringing instead. That means that your marketing has to attract your prospects to you.

Once you’ve created that type of marketing, and then have tweaked your sales funnel so that your conversion rates keep rising, then getting on the phone is the easy part right? Of course it is because the people already want to speak to you. In fact if you do things correctly they’ll be calling and emailing YOU.

This is a huge switch in direction, and you’ll blow way past all of those other network marketing distributors who are trying to build their business by cold calling. They’ll be talking all day long to people who never requested to be called. They’ll therefore be intruding, while YOU will be attracting.

Take the steps to get your network marketing sales funnel converting and getting people calling you, and you’ll see your business soar…we can help if you click here now!

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