Network Marketing – How to Finish the Projects When You’re an Entrepreneur, While Still Getting To Do the Fun Part…Starting Them!

May 26, 2011

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Network MarketingSo the truth is that most of us who see the beauty of the network marketing way of life are simply entrepreneurs at heart.

This means that we sort of have a bit of A.D.D. where we love ideas, and we love starting projects, but where we have a little trouble is of course…finishing them.

I can see you nodding your head right now in agreement. So that’s good, I’m not the only one I feel better now.

How to Not Have a Trail of Unfinished Projects in Our Network Marketing Business’ Wake

If you’ve been in the network marketing game for any amount of time, and you’ve got that entrepreneurial spirit, then you understand how frequently we end up with electrical storms of ideas coming at us.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement and then going on to start a bunch of projects…almost knowing darn well that it’s as far as we’ll ever get. We think to ourselves “Well, I’ll go ahead and start this and then I can always get back to it later”.

Here’s the problem with that…

Every time we start a project, it’s taking us away from our goals. Goals are achieved by going across the finish line, not taking the first steps of the race. Of course the first step is essential but the finish line is where the benefits lie.

When were continuously starting new projects it’s basically like starting a race, pulling out, going to another race and starting that one, and then repeating the same steps over and over. Where does that get us besides basically nowhere? It gets us frustrated and further and further away from our goals.

But all is not lost. There is a solution that lets us get to come up with great ideas and START projects, and actually finish them as well.

The solution is OUTSOURCING!

Outsourcing is something that not enough people do but it’s a great thing, especially if your characteristic is like what I’ve described, a project starter but non-finisher.

The truth is that seeing a project from start to finish consistently is essential to success. It’s mandatory and if you think you’ll ever see network marketing success without doing that you’re crazy. But when you’re able to outsource the finishing of your projects and your ideas, then you’re able to feel more fulfilled in what you do…simply because that’s WHO you are.

So let’s say that you’ve got a great idea for targeting a certain market…for instance realtors.

You’ve come up with a plan to get the realtors in a marketing funnel that’s dedicated to them and them alone! You begin to create the squeeze page that you know will capture their attention, and truthfully squeeze pages are something that you enjoy creating.

Once you’ve finished writing the copy and designing the squeeze page though you’re noticing that feeling of getting bored with the project. You hate writing email messages that will be required to get the realtors through to the signing up to your network marketing business process.

Well then, instead of halting the project and letting sit there in the graveyard of ideas like everything else you’ve started, you can simply outsource someone to write the emails for you. But yikes, once their done you realize how much you hate adding the emails to the auto-responders.

So now you’ve got to simply go out and find someone who can do this as well. The great part is that once all that is done then you can come back to your project with fresh eyes, which leads to inspiration, which can lead to more ideas to take this project to even more network marketing success.

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