Network Marketing – Are you Stubborn Enough to Succeed in Network Marketing?

April 28, 2011

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Network MarketingAre you stubborn enough to become successful in network marketing?

Why would I ask you if you’re stubborn? After all, stubbornness isn’t always the greatest trait to be labeled with.

But don’t be offended just yet, because I’m going to explain why you almost NEED to be stubborn to survive in this business…or any business to be fair.

How Being Stubborn Helps Immensely for Us in Network Marketing

Here’s the thing. Most of the people who don’t make it in network marketing, or any home business, or even business in general…don’t make it because it’s simply not easy. It takes work, but it also takes what I’ve talked about here before which is persistence and perseverance.

And when things start getting a bit wacky, and things are working out as well as you’d like, most people in network marketing will give up.

Those who don’t give up are too darned stubborn to do so.

They don’t care that 81 leads just said no. They don’t care that people sometimes snicker and roll their eyes when they tell them what they do. They don’t care that they aren’t getting paid what they know they’re worth. They don’t care that they run the risk of being looked at as complete failures and losers if things don’t work out like they say it’s going to eventually work out.

They’re just too stubborn to care.

So that’s why being stubborn is actually a positive in network marketing, and why you possibly need to start being more stubborn yourself.

You need to learn to start enduring all of the crap in order to enjoy the reward. Actually you need to learn to endure all the crap simply because you like striving for the reward, even if it may never come.

But the fact is that you’ve got a much better chance of that reward if you ARE strong, persistent, and yet stubborn enough to make it.

Here’s some proof that stubbornness plays a huge role in success no matter what the setting.

UFC fighter Randy Couture regained his title at the age of 43,against a much younger and much begger opponent at an age when most fighters are considered washed up. Stubbornness has stood the test of time with Couture however, and on April 30 of 2011, at the age of 48, he’ll be fighting again against a much younger opponent.

Stubbornness has played a role with Brett Favre who despire all of the criticism for doing so can’t seem to stay retired as a quarterback, again despite being at an age where many feel he’s old and washed up.

Donald Trump was too stubborn to accept defeat when his company went bankrupt in 1991. He bounced back then and by 1995 was back on track again. Most people in his position would have given up, and many figured Trump might do the same, but he was too stubborn. Even as I write this, and Trump is testing the waters as a presidential hopeful, his stubbornness gives him the courage to keep up with an issue of the President’s birthplace, which many think is a lost cause. But I’m sure Trump has his reasons to believe that pursuing the issue, one way or another is worth the reputation of being stubborn.

It may result in him becoming the President of the United States of America.

Being too stubborn to quit and give up has played out way too many times in life to count. I’ve seen it my organization of 50,000 plus distributors over and over again, as well as in my own life and businesses.

If you’ll just allow yourself to be a little bit more stubborn, you may just see that it plays out well for you and your network marketing business as well.

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