Multi Level Marketing Success – How to Get a Grip on Your MLM Business If Your Still Working a Regular Job!

February 9, 2012

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Multi Level Marketing SuccessIf you’re looking to experience multi level marketing success, but you’ve still got a day job, then you might be finding it a little bit challenging.

Working a job and starting a home business is definitely something that can take a lot out of you, but it certainly CAN be done.

In fact there have been tons of people in our downline who have found multi level marketing success while still working a day job.

Multi Level Marketing Success. Possible With a Job?

First let’s get one thing (mistake) out of the way that you might be thinking about doing in order to see multi level marketing success faster. A lot of people wonder if they should just quit their day jobs so that they can focus on their MLM business only.

Depending on the people you may have spoken to who were trying to recruit you… or your sponsor if you’ve already joined a multi level marketing business… you may be under the impression that success is going to be coming in right away.

That’s likely not true. Like success in any business, multi level marketing success takes a lot of work, and there’s a learning curve. It will take time for the snowball affect to take place in other words.

You definitely want to keep the day job so that you can pay your bills. Plus keeping your day job will help you fund your marketing easier, which can lead to faster multi level marketing success.

How to Balance Your Time and See Multi Level Marketing Success When Employed

The problem is usually more of a time management problem than anything. Let’s face it, life gets in the way for even a normal working person.

Kids have to go here and there. You need a social life of some sort. You have hobbies that you want to partake in. Maybe you’re on a bowling league. Or maybe your boss likes to just keep you there for overtime every chance he/she gets.

Either way, you have to prioritize your time. If you truly want to see multi level marketing success, then you may have to give some things up. In other words, you may have to actually create time rather than find the time.

In our experience of showing our downlines how to achieve massive success in multi level marketing over the past 24 years, we’ve found that people aren’t always as pressed for time as they think they are. Many times it’s that they’re not willing to give up things like watching TV, give up some sleep, or video games, etc. The stuff that they could easily give up, but simply don’t want to.

Well in that case, you simply have to want multi level marketing success even MORE!

It may mean that you stay up an extra hour each night, or wake up an hour early. It may mean that your game console gets to cool down except for weekends. It may mean that the umpteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy will either need to be missed, Tivo’d, DVR’d, or caught on a site like In other words, you have to MAKE TIME, and more importantly…

Be Consistent for Multi Level Marketing Success…

Consistency is the key. So you can’t just make time 1 day a week. You’ll never become successful that way. You have to make an hour EACH day (at least) and truly work that 1 hour a day on your business. It means that you must do it like clockwork each and everyday, and you must have goals and a schedule set so that you complete the work that needs to be completed each and every one of those days.

That’s how you end up replacing your income in time that’s much faster than you probably think, and go on to have a walk away passive residual income, seeing global multi level marketing success just as we have.

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