MLM Training – Ways To Get More Leads with the Website Traffic That You’ve Already Got!

October 11, 2010

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Many people are looking for MLM training that tells them how to get more and more traffic.

But what they tend to forget is that they can actually increase their lead count, by simply taking some steps to get more leads from the traffic that they’re already getting.

MLM Training

Don’t take this MLM training lightly today…

You see many people waste web traffic because of the fact that they aren’t converting those visitors into leads. Some people aren’t converting any. Heck some people don’t even have optin forms on their websites or blogs, and simply rely on people to call them for more information. This hardly happens on the first…or even first 5 visits.

So with that being said here is your…

MLM Training to Help You Convert These Visitors…

Revealing 3 Ways to Get More Leads With the Traffic That You Are Already Getting…

1) Add an Optin Form on Any Piece of Virtual Real Estate that You Own…So many people don’t even get the chance of collecting their visitors information. I want you to see in this MLM training how undeniably ridiculous that is.

You’ve got to have an optin form on everything.

For instance many people have lots of social network accounts. Did you know that you can add an optin to your Facebook page? If you can’t add an optin to a social network you can have a link that leads to one.

If you have a blog, you should have an optin form on that blog, plus a pop up that comes up while people are reading your blog. This may be some of the most valuable training you’ve ever read if you don’t have this already. This can double your optins overnight.

2) Tweak Your Copy Continuously to Get Your Conversion Rates UP!…

Here’s the thing, and what I REALLY hope you get from this MLM Training.

Most network marketers out there will put up a website, or a landing page, and that’s it.

It’s up… and if it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Well you can’t be one of those people! You have to be one of the people who succeed, and the way to do that is to follow my advice in this MLM training article and constantly tweak your pages to try to increase your conversions.

Here’s the thing. Right now your website is converting at the worst it’s ever going to convert, no matter what it’s doing. And there’s always room for improvement.

The greater part of that is that the tiniest little things can increase your optin rates, for instance…

• Changing the headline of your optin box, or landing page!…
• Changing colors around, (including text color, background, etc!)…
• Adding more calls to action (click here, submit your info, etc)…
• Adding arrows (arrows are known in most cases to increase conversions, but not always. You have to test it out for your websites and your readers)….
• Change your submit button…
• Add an image…
• Change your lead magnet…
• Change the name of your lead magnet…
• Change your footer text to assure the reader that they won’t be spammed…
• Ask for less information…
• Add testimonials for social proof
• Etc. Etc.

There are so many little tweaks that you can do. The list goes on and on, but the ones above are some that you could and should start with.

Every little increase will help, even if it’s just by one percentage point. That’s one person out of every 100 visitors who may become a great leader and change your life forever.

3) Be More Personal With Your Content… One of the things that will make someone optin to your sales funnel, and/or join your business, is knowing that you’re a real and likable person. I try to do that with my blogs and MLM training sites. I can’t help myself, but I know that it helps that I do it.

You can’t show that if you’re only posting boring generic content. Make your stories personal, add some video to your sites, some audio, some photos, etc.

Make you articles and blog posts real and just speak in real language. Forget the proper English and all that stuff. With your websites, you can give your English teacher the finger and be yourself.

Remember little increases can make a huge difference overtime, and with each and every increase in conversion, you increase your changes of getting that MLM heavy weight superstar come join your business…or a ton of average distributors that eventually adds up to paying your mortgage!

Alright, so I hope that you’ll take action on this MLM training, and go out there and started increasing your optin rate TODAY.

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