MLM success: The story of sale closures

July 6, 2012

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MLM SuccessEvery

MLM success

starts with errors, mistakes and sometimes plain oops. Your success story may have a ton or very little of the aforementioned items. It would be a very sad world if every success story never had any bit of personality that has enabled us to learn from and grow. So are oops and mistakes bad, nope they allow us to grow and to prosper with time. So when you make a mistake down the road, relax and learn from it. It may lead you to a greater treasure.

Sales in nature are challenges and often the chances of success can vary on the ability of the representative and the buyers’ ability to communicate effectively. The buyer, consumer, prospect, member, etc is ready to make a purchase providing that the price is affordable and falls into their budget. It is our job to offer a good price without sacrificing our profits or company’s profits in the process, it means that we must learn to develop our sale pitches better and learn the art of negotiation. Our

MLM success

starts with the basics of closing a sale.

High pressure sales in the MLM industry are dying off, it is a very ineffective tool that really annoys the bugs out of people. However, the method is still being used as a tool in some industries that do not involve the MLM field. The purpose and aim of high pressure sales is to generate a high rate of sales with little loss through pressure on the prospect, while painting a pretty picture of a price that is hard to beat. Can it work? Yes, it is one of the oldest sale pitches and is still found in a lot of environments. You say it is dying down in the MLM industry but I have found it on several websites! As it is written above, it is still being used in some industries and rather if it is still used in the MLM industry it is a challenge to say for sure.

The next sales type is the soft glove that is a moderate pressure on the prospect but leaves room for the seller to wiggle around in. A good example of this “Would you care to buy a milkshake for only 25 cents more, wiggling part it would make an awesome addition but this deal will not last forever?” The prospect can easily say no but is pressured with the limited time offer. This is a very effective sales closure and can be redesigned to fit your

MLM success

personality. People like to have options open; there are other closures that can bring a conversion back to life that may have expired. You may have to search out the various types of closures and work with them on a personal basis. The purpose of a closure is to generate a sale for your business and to achieve your goals. These two samples of closers are some that are found on a daily basis from the fast food industry to the entertainment field.

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