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July 10, 2012

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MLM success storiesIn most

MLM success stories

at one time or another you will find a little bit of experience of dealing with hostility. No matter what level you are in the industry, hostility can happen and dealing with it can be a tedious task. Hostility can be displayed in many different versions from an angry no to violence. There are many different techniques that we as business owners can use to defuse a situation but this article will only discuss a few of the techniques that are generated towards to handling complaints, answers and attitudes.

MLM success stories

can teach us a lot about human behavior and the mindsets behind the particular behavior, a little course work on psychology is highly recommended. Our success depends on how well we interact with new prospects, experienced members on all levels and dealing with presentations. Can hostility be avoided? Yes it can and most hostile actions usually start with a verbal warning or unhappy gesture and this is where we should use our positive attitudes and walk away from the situation. It is apparent that the person does not want further contact or information.

As we grow within the network and fine tune our presentations and horizons on where to recruit new members, we can find the signs of unwanted attention. According to reference dictionary, hostility is defined as an opposition or resistance to an idea, plan, project or presentation. The signs of a closed mind include persistent and rising volume of no or similar phrase, agitated facial and body language, walking away, intent of aggressive action and other similar non-verbal movements.
What can we do to avoid hostility? If the prospect indicates that they are not interested in a semi friendly tone, say thank you and move on. If they tend to ignore you, once more be nice and say thank you and move on.

Most of the time, the prospect will be friendly enough to indicate their displeasure. It is not our fault; their reasons can fill a book and then some. We need to respect their wishes, after the environment that we are in will play a factor. If we are cold selling out on the street, this type of behavior is generally increased but as long as you keep your energetic attitude and walk away without engaging in a verbal dispute, you will be fine. There are plenty of other prospects to talk too, especially at conventions and hosted events. These people are open-minded towards what you can offer.

MLM success stories

can include conversions of prospects that at one time were “hostile”. There are often suitable tips in

MLM success stories

that can help you handle situations that are often a bit un-regular. A closed mind does not always mean the person is hostile; all you can really do is be polite and move on. Keep your energy level up and let go of any foulness that you may have encountered, there is always a “yes” waiting, and you will need to find it. If you get an angry “no”, use a calm but polite voice and excuse yourself from the situation. You are in control to defuse the situation and no matter what is said to you, keep your professionalism and politeness above all else. Let the words sink like a row boat at the dock.

Your mannerisms and professionalism will often dictate the course of action from prospects. Keep a smile on your face, be polite and walk away from any situation that can be considered unfriendly. Move on to someone new, make a polite conversation and you may win the other prospect over to your side. A lot of people tend to present a difficult side and if you can show them that it did not affect you, they may open up and actually listen to what you say. Avoid any aggressive behavior and impolite words.

It can be a challenge to shrug off insults but you will do it and keep a positive aura around you. After all your business is important to you and you will find many more interested prospects that will buy or become a member. Us e this experience as a learning tool, move on to develop a better strategy or presentation of yourself to new prospects, you can drastically decrease these types of situations if you pay attention and listen to what the prospect is saying.

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